2023 Summer Internships - The Savannah Bananas
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2023 Summer Internships

The Process:



December 16, 2022:
Applications Close
  • Phase 1- Intros!

    We’ll connect on why you’re interested in interning with the Bananas and which roles you’d like to learn more about! 

  • Phase 2- Culture!

    We’ll dive deeper into The Fans First Way (our core values) to see how you might add to our culture! 

  • Phase 3 – Skills!

    We’ll walk you through the specific skills needed for the internship you’re best fit for and explore your aptitude for the role!

March 9, 2023:
Final Decisions


MAY 9, 2023 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2023* 



Stadium Operations & Concessions

You’ll thrive in this position if you love a fast-paced workplace, aren’t afraid to work with your hands or jump into any position in a kitchen, and want to creatively re-imagine and care for something beautiful and historic.

Stadium operations & concessions are a massive part of fan experience at Grayson Stadium, to say the least! At Bananas home games, more than 4,000 fans have access to our All-You-Can-Eat concessions and our operations team makes that happen! As an intern in this department, you’ll have a hands-on experience leading and working alongside our amazing group of game day teammates. You will also help prepare the ballpark for games and events, introduce wacky and creative food and drink options, and oversee inventory management and POS operations. There are a broad range of responsibilities that fall under our operations and concessions departments; but ultimately, you’d be responsible for ensuring an amazing fan experience within the walls of our ballpark through the impact of our concessions and the facility itself. The intern in this role will have the opportunity to attend some of the World Tour events to help our merchandise or ticketing team with day-of logistics.

Ticket Operations & First Impressions

You’ll thrive in this role if you can talk to anyone, can quickly identify a problem and implement a solution, and are confident being the “go-to” ticket person!

In this role, you’ll learn directly from the Bananas Ticket Department and will help with each touch point of a buying experience. We believe the buying experience is so much more than a moment of purchase, but rather is an experience beginning before a ticket order is confirmed and extending further than getting your tickets in hand. Your primary responsibility will be to become an expert in all things Bananas tickets and to make a Fans First Impression on all fans you connect with. During this internship, you will develop, learn and implement single game tickets and new group ticket sales strategies for remaining games. On game night, you’ll lead game day teammates on the front plaza and assist with ticket experiences such as entering stadium, box office/will call, and welcoming/greeting fans throughout the night. The intern in this role will have the opportunity to travel to most World Tour events to execute ticket operations and to lead teammates scanning tickets at gates.

Group Experience & Hospitality

You’ll thrive in this position if you love engaging with others, care about details, and can confidently take initiative in problem-solving and routine responsibilities.

As part of the Bananas Group Experience & Hospitality team, you’ll have a direct impact on groups that choose to Go Bananas for all kinds of reasons! Whether it’s a company outing, a birthday party, or a weekly date night, fans in our hospitality areas are looking forward to making memories here at Grayson Stadium. From food and beverage service at games in Savannah, to communication before and after events, we strive to offer an excellent experience and are excited to see the impact you can leave on Bananas Fans! In this internship, you will be responsible for the set-up, clean-up, and all the fun things in between for designated hospitality areas in the ballpark. Additionally, you’ll work alongside group experience coordinators to serve groups of fans at some of the Banana Ball World Tour locations. Interns who have held this position in the past have been able to build amazing relationships with the fans they interact with, and we expect interns of the future to continue to do the same. In this internship in particular, we will encourage you to take full advantage of your freedom to “listen carefully and respond creatively.” The intern in this role will have the opportunity to travel to some World Tour events to help create remarkable experiences for groups of fans in attendance.

Merchandise Experience

You’ll thrive in this role if you’re exceptionally organized, detail oriented, and are always looking for the next thing to complete!

As part of the Bananas Merchandise Team, you’ll be directly responsible for impacting thousands of Bananas Fans from all over the world! While your primary focus will be on the retail and fulfilment side of our merchandise operation, you’ll also learn the process we go through when looking to add new products to our store as well as how we market and launch new products. You’ll also play a major role in making sure fans who attend the World Tour games have a great retail experience when we’re on the road! You’ll have your hand in the logistics of planning and packing for traveling to new cities and in the set-up and execution of retail on location. Some of the other aspects of this role include making thank you calls to fans, planning store layout, learning inventory control systems, leading store staff, apparel design and concept creation, and executing shipping procedures. Through each of these activities, it will be your responsibility to ensure that all Bananas Fans purchasing merchandise online or visiting the Banana Stand have a Fans First Experience from start to finish. The intern in this role will have the opportunity to travel to most World Tour events to execute merchandise operations and to lead teammates at one of the merchandise stations.

Video Production

You’ll thrive in this position if you are happier behind the camera than in front, you’re a creative machine with a great sense of humor, and you have experience editing high-quality videos.

As a Video Production Intern with the Savannah Bananas, you’ll be right in the middle of all of the wild and crazy things we do! From the first mention of an idea all the way through editing the perfect video to show the world, you’ll be part of the things that drive the most attention we receive. Passion and experience in photography, film, story-telling, and content creation will help propel you to an influential part of growing the Bananas presence all over the world. Some of the programs you’ll likely use include Premier, Lightroom and After Effects. To see the type of content we’re looking to produce, check out our social media! The intern in this role will have the opportunity to travel to most World Tour events to capture footage and create content of all our wild shenanigans!

Entertainment & Promotions

You’ll thrive in this role if you are exceptionally organized, enjoy working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, bring non-stop enthusiasm to whatever you do, and can keep a smile on your face for 5 hours straight because you’re Always on Stage! 

As the Entertainment Intern, you’ll work directly alongside Director of Entertainment in the execution of all promotions throughout the season! In doing this, you’ll play a direct role in providing the best entertainment possible to all fans that attend Bananas games and events. Your responsibilities will include assisting in the setup and maintenance of promotions, coordination of all fan experience, prizes, contestants, and miscellaneous activity required to execute the promotion successfully. In addition, the promotions intern will be responsible for cleanup of all promotion materials used during each game. This role will include working alongside Bananas Coaching staff, players, and cast to ensure the right people are in the right places at the right time! You’ll also be the main point of contact for fans participating in promotions including Banana Baby, Home Run Hitter, and National Anthem Singers. The intern in this role will have the opportunity to travel to all World Tour events to put on the Best Show in Sports!

People Operations

You’ll thrive in this position if you love interacting with people, are incredibly organized in your communications skills, and have a keen eye for detail.

The individual chosen to work with our People team will help coordinate all part-time teammates working Bananas events. This will include learning scheduling techniques, communication strategies, and how to make each individual feel valued for their specific impact on Bananas Fans. You will be responsible for greeting teammates when they arrive for shifts, ensuring they’re up-to-date on the most relevant information regarding game operations or fan experiences for that event. Additionally, you’ll oversee shifting teammates to new roles throughout the game as fans needs change and provide a great last impression for teammates as they leave after the event. The intern in this role will have the opportunity to travel to some World Tour events to coordinate local game day workers and volunteers.

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