1. Win the Inning, Get the Point.

The team that scores the most runs in an inning gets a point.

The first team to five points wins the game.

The inning is over once the home team takes a lead or three outs are recorded on the home team.


2. Two Hour Time Limit.

No inning will start after the two-hour point.  If a team has not reached 5 points, the game will go to a Showdown Tiebreaker


3. No Stepping Out.

Batters cannot step out of the batter’s box once an at bat starts.  If batter steps out at any point, it’s a strike on the batter.


4. No Bunting.

Bunting Sucks. Enough Said.


5. Batters Can Steal First.

If a pass ball or wild pitch happens during any pitch of an at-bat, the batter can take off to first.


6. No Walks Allowed.

If a pitcher throws the fourth ball it becomes a Sprint. The hitter will take off sprinting to first while the catcher has to throw the ball around to every defensive player on the field before it becomes live.  The hitter can advance to as many bases as he can before the ball becomes live.  The ball does not have to touch the catcher or pitcher.


7. Showdown Tiebreaker.

Each team picks one pitcher and one hitter to face off. The defensive team only has the pitcher, one fielder and catcher on the field. All other fielders are off the field. If a hitter puts the ball in play, he has to score and make it home to get a point.  If the ball is put in play, The pitcher and fielder are allowed to chase the ball and throw the ball to the catcher for a play at the plate.  If a pitcher strikes him out or gets him out before scoring, he doesn’t get a point.  If the batter walks, he can take second base and the hitting team will bring another hitter to the plate.

First team to reach 5 points wins.  If the score is tied – the first team to keep the other team from scoring wins.


8. No Mound Visits Allowed.

Let’s keep the game moving. No mound visits from the coach, catcher or any other players. Hype your pitcher up from afar if needed.


9. If a Fan Catches a Foul Ball, It’s an Out.

Why not let the fans get in on some of the action?