Banana Ball World Tour Stadium Spotlight: Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium

With the announcement earlier this week that former MLB star, MLB Network analyst, and current endurance sport madman Eric Byrnes is the new Bananas manager for the Banana Ball World Tour, vibes are at an all time high here in Savannah. While we continue to ride the high that you can only get from the coffee and butter infused endless energy that Byrnes and his partner in crime “Bobby Barrels” bring to the table, it feels like there’s no better time to take a deep dive into another ballpark on the Tour. This week’s bell of the ball: Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery, Alabama. Stop number three. 

Riverwalk was created in 2004, making it the second newest stadium on the World Tour. A converted century-old train shed, it has always been home to the Montgomery Biscuits, the Double-A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. Located right off the Alabama River, Riverfront can hold 7,000 raving Bananas fans. 

America’s favorite four-year Bananas Bill LeRoy and Kyle Luigs both got the in depth tour and the boys are fired up about what their eyes sent to their brains.

“That place is freaking cool man,” Bill said. “Being in there and just thinking about the transformation from a train station to a baseball field and how the train station has left its mark on that arena… It’s a really unique and special place. And the field is still in pristine condition. I’m pumped to play there.”

“It’s an incredibly interesting ballpark,” Kyle remarked. “The entrance reminded me of going into just a shop on the side of the road, or honestly it reminded me of the entrance to Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum from Marvel but then all of a sudden you’re inside this really impressive stadium. It’s a super good playing surface in an old abandoned train station, I mean what else could you want. Plus it feels like the seats are on top of you and I cannot wait to see it packed with the Bananas faithful.”

To be fair to Kyle’s whole Sanctum Sanctorum bit, he entered the ballpark through the office, and I can see some resemblance between the two buildings… 

Obviously you can tell which is the baseball stadium and which is the fictional residence and headquarters of Doctor Strange, but I’ve also definitely heard worse comparisons in life. 

Okay let’s get back on track and wrap this up here. The Banana Ball World Tour will kick off on March 11th in Savannah, heading to Daytona, Florida, the following week and then the show will take over Riverside Stadium on March 25th. For more information, visit

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