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Want your child to have the best time of their life on a baseball field? Well, then send them to spend a weekend with the Savannah Bananas. 

The goal is simple, to inspire a new generation of baseball players to have the most fun, develop the best skills and be their best on the baseball diamond. Oh yeah, and to learn the in’s, out’s and all the secrets of how to play a whole new brand of baseball from the best to ever have played…BANANA BALL 

Worried that your child’s team ONLY plays traditional baseball? No problem. The skills they will learn and enjoyment they will feel at camp will translate to their teams and league. Just know that they will be begging you to play more Banana Ball.  

Your child will learn from Savannah Bananas legends, Kyle Luigs and Bill Leroy as well as other current professional Bananas players who will bring the energy and enthusiasm to the field. Coaches will stress fundamentals (because you have to walk before you can spring) as well as higher level mechanics and game strategy so that you child can develop into the player that they want to become. 

Fall and Winter Camps are SOLD OUT, but you can join the priority list to receive e-mails on when you can sign your lil ‘nanner up in the future.

All together now, 1-2-3 GO BANANAS!

Bananas Academy Camp Priority List