Bananas burn Bacon 8-4 in Game 1 of Breakfast Bowl

We’re back! It’s your boy Kevin, Mr. Balloon Hands, Hickey recapping the opening game of the Breakfast Bowl at Historic Grayson Stadium on Thursday night. Fresh off of our CPL championship last week, the Nanners returned to BananaLand with a rousing 8-4 victory to open this nine-game series.

You already know the boys showed up hungry to repeat as Breakfast Bowl champions from the inaugural 2020 season. This one was a little different for me, though. I wasn’t up in the press box this time (shoutout my booth boys Ben and Mike). Instead, yours truly found himself in the eight-hole as the designated hitter (aka the best position in baseball).

Game Recap

Looking to start out the series on the right foot, the Nanners turned to the best pitcher to ever grace the mound in BananaLand, Kyle, I’ll even tell you what’s coming but good luck hitting it, Luigs. Fresh off his start in the CPL championship game, Luigs the Legend was nearly unhittable. Shocker right?

In this seven-inning game (the home games will be seven innings, away games nine), Luigs was slicing the Bacon like he was getting ready for a breakfast feast. My man was feeling himself so much he was signaling fastballs to the hitter with two strikes, and they still had no shot.

In the first inning, Luigs had two strikeouts. Easy work. The Nanners came to bat with Bill, I took the dopest post-championship picture ever, LeRoy as the leadoff hitter. Speed kills, baby. Being the savvy hitter he is, he draws a walk to start it off. The next man up was fellow CPL champion Dan Oberst. You ever stare into his eyes? It was like the first time I heard The Beatles.

Anyway, Oberst follows it up with a walk. Both Nanners move up on a ball in the dirt because they are elite baserunners. Now, it’s Josh, I’m basically a world traveler, Lavender. From the left side, Lavy did his job with a sac fly. 1-0 Nanners. Ashly, Sorry I’m late I just got off work, Morris drove in Oberst with a ground out to third base. Team guy. 2-0 Nanners.

Luigs gets another easy inning in the second, including another strikeout. What a guy.

We’re gonna break the fourth wall a little here. I come up with two outs and somehow find a barrel to right field for a single. Trust me, I have no idea how I made contact. I just closed my eyes and swung. My guy Malachi, I’m the fastest man in BananaLand, Mitchell laid down a beautiful bunt. He might’ve run a 3.2 down the line to beat out the play. We both move up on a ball in the dirt and wouldn’t you know that Bill LeRoy guy is pretty good at this hitting thing. He ropes a single to left-center to drive Malachi and I in. Savageness from the four-year Banana. 4-0 Nanners.

Luigs must have felt bad for the Bacon (no he didn’t) because they scored a run in the third inning. But not before he showed off that sweet pickoff move, nabbing one of their would-be base stealers. A single and a double to left field in the third inning for the Bacon. Bleh. Whatever. Still 4-1 Nanners.

Another easy inning for Luigs in the fourth and we’re up again looking for more. Bill, The Literal Largest Man I’ve Ever Seen, Pearson walked because the dude is legitimately so intimidating to pitch to. He moves up on a wild pitch twice to get to third base with one out. Ya boy (me) comes up again. Despite an awkward swing that pulled my shoulder out of socket (it happens), I again somehow find a barrel to drive in Pearson. 5-1 Nanners. Janson, My Name is, Neff comes in for me so we can get some real speed on the bases.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Bill LeRoy drove in another run when Neff was on second base. The guy does it all. 6-1 Nanners.

Luigs finished his night with another clean inning in the fifth. The righty went 5.0 innings allowing six hits, one run, six strikeouts and no walks.

Lavy , the world traveler, started us off with a single in the bottom of the fifth inning. Guy is so good. Zak, I personally know Jake Peavy, Whalin absolutely gobsmacked a baseball over the left fielder’s head for a double, scoring Lavy. 7-1 Nanners.

Sean, This Is My First Day In BananaLand, Fluke came in to relieve Luigs for an inning and dominated. Neff, The Swat Man, got us going by taking a pitch in the back. Big team guy that Neff. Malachi showed off some incredible retinas with a long at-bat that ended in a walk. Bill LeRoy followed that up with some sharp retinas of his own to load the bases full of Bananas. A fielder’s choice from Big Dan scored Neff. 8-1 Nanners.

To close out the game in the top of the seventh, Scott, BDE, Strickland went with a pitcher in which we had no doubt could get the job done. That man was Dan Oberst. Even though Oberst gave up an absolute moonshot. I’ve played with Dan for one day. We’re boys. It’s whatever. But this was an absolute shot to left field. 8-4 Nanners.

Regardless, the first-baseman-converted-to-pitcher made a sick catch by snagging a line drive at his head showing off those cat-like reflexes. Nanners win 8-4.


You know we’re all about having a good time on the field as The Most Fun Team In Baseball (trademark pending). For his second at-bat, Lavy walked up to the plate as if he were on the Tour at Augusta with Zack Frongillo following him as the best caddy a guy could have. Five iron huh?

After testing out a few irons and wedges, Lavy found the tool he wanted to hit with, looking poised and stoic as ever in the box.

Dalton Maudlin got escorted to the plate for one of his at-bats by a flower girl. Definitely a moment he’ll remember from BananaLand.

Kara Heater caught me in my element prepping this post-game recap despite still being the lineup. Yes, I pulled out the glasses because my mother says I look handsome in them.

Though we don’t have picture or video proof of it, Ashly Morris played an entire inning with a cowboy hat sans jersey. Yes, the dugout was swoon. Morris also got interviewed by the man Biko Skalla in an ice bath following the game. Go check that out on Bananas social media.

Nanners Of The Night

Bill LeRoy: 2/2, 1 R, 3 RBI, 2 BB

Kyle Luigs: 5.0 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 6 K

Mr. Balloon Hands: 2/2, 1 R, 1 RBI, 1 subluxed shoulder

What’s Next For The Nanners

The boys are traveling to Macon at Luther Williams Stadium for Game 2 of the Breakfast Bowl and will round out the week at home on Saturday in BananaLand for Game 3. Biko, The GOAT, Skalla will have the call for both games.

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