After completing a delayed summer season with reduced capacity, Grayson Stadium will be opened up again this Fall as the Bananas host their 2nd Annual Fansgiving Game on Friday, November 13. Last year, the game featured 30 fans dressed as pilgrims who played a lighthearted, primitive style baseball game with over 1,000 additional Bananas fans in attendance to take part in the festivities. This year, the Bananas are taking the celebration back to its roots while also leveling up the competition on the field.


To honor the 66 day journey across the ocean by the original pilgrims, no food will be served to fans for the first 66 minutes of the gates being opened at 5:45pm. There will be water and beer available as well as rations of popcorn and bread. Once the 66 minutes is up, a celebration will take place and all fans will be treated to unlimited hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, soda, popcorn, chips, and dessert.


“Thanksgiving has really become overlooked in our opinion and very commercialized to encourage us to overeat all day, watch TV, and then go Black Friday shopping. We feel that Fansgiving is the proper way to celebrate the day and the people who made the original trip on the Mayflower,” said Jesse Cole, Bananas owner.


Fans are encouraged to dress in their best Thanksgiving outfits and take part in the celebration. One lucky fan will receive 100 cans of cranberry sauce – the most hated food item according to many unscientific surveys. The first 104 fans in the stadium – the number of pilgrims on the Mayflower – will have the opportunity to go to the outfield after the game and dig for a turkey leg and a prize of a fully catered Thanksgiving meal.


The game will feature the newly created BananaBall rules such as no bunting, fans catching foul balls for outs, a two-hour time limit, and the infamous one on one showdown. The Bananas will welcome back alumni from the 2016-2020 seasons, local talent, and players from the 2020 Breakfast Bowl. It is yet to be determined if any actual pilgrims will be in attendance.


“This may be the weirdest thing we’ve done to date and there is so much more that we’ve got planned for Fansgiving this year,” said Jared Orton, Bananas president, aka Pilgrim Prez.


Tickets go on sale to Bananas ticket members and the ticket priority list on Tuesday, October 6. The remaining tickets will be available to all the public on Thursday, October 8. Capacity will continue to be extremely limited due to social distancing measures. Go to to join in on Bananas Fansgiving.