Bananas win wild walk-off over Bacon in Dan Oberst’s final game

It was a wild night in BananaLand on Saturday as the Savannah Bananas, aka The Most Fun Team In Baseball, got themselves a sensational walk-off win in Game 2 of the Breakfast Bowl with a 4-3 victory in extra innings over the Macon Bacon.

It’s me Kevin, Mr. Balloon Hands, Hickey coming at you with the recap of Saturday’s game. Let’s get into it.

The Voice Of An Angel But Also A Smooth Second Baseman

The Nanners know how to put on a show. This is known. But they literally had a mini-concert before the game when Dalton, Check Out My Spotify, Mauldin graced the field with his silky voice and beautiful guitar.

He started off the night by seranading the crowd during the pregame, which had all of us in awe of his talent.

Then, he sang his own walk-up song before his first at-bat. The kid a truly a talent with a sweet swing, a smooth glove and an even better voice.

A Grand Finale For A Banana Great

Saturday night was the finale for one of the best players to ever grace the Bananas uniform. Dan Oberst, the man who constantly finds barrels, played in his final game in BananaLand and it’s only fitting his final at-bat ended with an absolute smoked baseball. Had the left fielder not been playing on the warning track (I don’t blame him tbh), Oberst would have had an easy double.

A 2021 CPL champion, Oberst’s career came full circle during the summer. His career with the Bananas started in 2019 with a dropped pop-up. His summer career ended by catching the final out on—you guessed it—a pop-up and a personalized championship belt.

It’s been a wild three years for Oberst in Savannah, who couldn’t be more thankful for his time in BananaLand.

“To all the fans, thank you. You guys made an impact on my life that you’ll never know. Every moment here seemed to have flown by but I look back on it and have made so many lifelong memories, and it’s all thanks to you guys,” Oberst said after the game.

Oberst finished his career having batted over .300 in every season with the Nanners. He had six dingers during 2021 summer, including five at home, proving that he’s a man of the people.

I only spent three games in the same locker room as this guy, but it’s easy to see why the players gravitate toward him. Not only was he one of the best pure hitters I’ve ever seen, but he’s also one of the purest dudes I’ve ever met. It makes him easy to root for, especially with how much he meant to the Nanners.

“Playing here got me out of my comfort zone, and I met a lot of great people who taught me a lot,” Oberst said. “Being here just set me up to be successful in whatever I do from the top down starting with Jesse (Cole), the coaches, players, you guys all impacted me in so many ways that will change me forever.”

Here’s to Dan Oberst, who’s undoubtedly going to be a legend in BananaLand forever.

Bill LeRoy Or Nostradamus?

This is crazy. As Bananas Insiders know, Biko The GOAT Skalla, gets the players plenty involved when their mic’d up. Everybody knows Bill LeRoy is all-time when it comes to Bananas Nation. The guy went viral when he announced himself coming to the plate to the best walk-up song ever (The Stroke – Billy Squier). He’s all-time. But did you know he’s also a prophet?

In the top of the third inning, Bill and Biko are talking about the current situation, and this man literally calls his shot.

“He’s gonna roll it over and I’m going to backhand it on the second hop and Manny Machado underhand throw to Ashly at first.”

THEN THE GUY ACTUALLY DOES IT. Backhands a chopper, makes a smooth transition to his throwing hand and shows off that cannon to get the hitter at first. Just watch the video on Twitter and be amazed. Even Bill and Biko couldn’t believe it. Ridiculous moment from the legend that is Bill LeRoy.

The Recap

The Nanners turned to Christian, I’ll K You Up With A Huge Smile On My Face, Dearman for the start on Saturday night and the guy was simply electric. He went 5.0 innings allowing three hits, two runs while striking out nine. Had it not been for a slow chopper that extended an inning, Dearman’s line would have looked untouchable.

Dearman started off the game with a hit-by-pitch, but he laughed it off cuz it ain’t no thang. He gets a big double play and then a punch out to end the inning.

After allowing two runs in the second inning because of a chopper in no man’s land with two outs, the Bacon got on the board. Still, the Nanners weren’t worried. Dearman wound up finishing his electric outing with that infectious smile and without any more runs being scored.

It was a tough night for the bats. There were a lot of barrels but the offense only got one(!) hit throughout the entire evening, a single by Kyle Luigs of all people. What a guy.

Down by two runs going into the bottom of the fourth, Dalton Mauldin, who has the sweetest voice in BananaLand (seriously) started it off with a walk. Great retinas on the Songbird of Savannah. After stealing second base and moving to third following two walks, Platinum Pipes (Dalton) scored on a wild pitch. 2-1 Macon.

The Bananas wind up tying up the game in the bottom of the fifth inning after Malachi, The Fastest Man In Baseball, Mitchell got on base after taking one for the team. Big mistake by the Bacon. Even though everyone in the stadium knew Malachi was going to steal, it didn’t matter. Flash Tha Kid steals second base with ease. No contest. Then he swipes another bag to third, giving the Nanners a chance to tie the game.

With one of the best dancers on the team up at the plate in Bill LeRoy, the Nanners tie up the game with a sac fly to right field. Ice in his veins. 2-2 ballgame.

The Bacon wind up scoring another run in the top of the sixth inning to take a 3-2 lead, but we weren’t worried in the dugout. It was only a matter of time before the Nanners lineup took a hold of the game.

An electric bottom of the seventh (and regulation final) inning came to be with a sold-out crowd on their feet in BananaLand. Malachi once again got it started with a walk and proceeded to steal second base. He moved over on a fly ball to right field by Bill, I Can Also Play Guitar, LeRoy.

Nanners head coach Scott Strickland told Malachi on third base with the infield in, “A chopper here and you’re going.” Malachi being the fastest man in America replied, “Anything on the ground, I’m going.” And wouldn’t you know it. A routine ground ball to shortstop would have had anyone out at home plate. But not Flash. This dude literally might be able to break the speed of light with how fast he runs.

Malachi easily beats the throw home to tie the game. Grayson Stadium erupts for free baseball.

In extra innings, the Macon start the frame with runners on first and second and no outs. That didn’t matter for the hero of the night, Eamonn Collins. He gets out of the inning easily with an infield fly, a routine pop-up to center field and a punch out to end the inning. Still a tie ball game going into the bottom of the eighth inning.

I’m not going to say this is why we got fired up for the final inning because the boys bring enough energy to light up a continent, but I’m not going to not say it. I had the honor of being the Clothesar to get the crowd pumped up. I had to run around the stadium and take off the six layers of shirts I was wearing.  I’m still out of breath.

With Dan Oberst and Ashly Morris on second and first base, respectively, the Nanners offense came through in what would be a wild win. Kyle, I’m Not Just A Pitcher, Luigs moved the boys over to second and third with a ground out. Savvy vet hitter right there. The Bacon make the wise choice of intentionally walking Jansen, I’ll Literally Write You A Ticket Right Now, Neff to load the bases.

Then came up Eamonn Collins, yes the pitcher who go out of the extra-inning jam. Despite not having many at-bats under his belt, the USC-Beaufort product put together a crazy at-bat that went to a 3-2 count. Using those ridiculous retinas, watched an outside fastball for a ball to win the game.

Ever hear of a pitcher who got the win and also the walk-off RBI? Now you have.

Next For The Nanners

The weekend series is over but we will be back in Macon on Thursday, Aug. 20 to resume Game 3 and play Game 4 in a quasi doubleheader at Luther Williams Field. Your man Biko Skalla will have the call in the tiniest booth known to man.

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