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What is the Bananas Academy?

The Bananas Academy is a mixture of different camps and training sessions that allows any player from age six to high school to find the perfect fit for them to learn from the Bananas. These camps will be the most fun your player ever has on the baseball field.  

Led by legendary Bananas, Kyle Luigs and Bill LeRoy, the Bananas Academy gives your player a chance to train like a Banana from the players and coaches who have won more games and had more fun than any other team in baseball. 

Kyle and Bill boast impressive resumes from their college experience as well as their time with the Bananas. From being named All-Stars, All-CPL, to winning a Coastal Plain League Championship, they’re incredibly talented on the field. If that’s not enough, just look them up online and you’ll see viral videos from Kyle taking a fan on a date during a game, to Bill introducing himself before an at-bat, and even Kyle hitting a homerun while talking to Bill during a broadcast.  

These guys are two of the most entertaining and talented Bananas to ever play at Grayson Stadium.  

Now, they’ve signed professional contracts to play for the Bananas Premier Team and are dedicated to Making Baseball Fun for youth players.   

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