Dakota McFadden drops two bombs in Bananas 10-4 win over Macon

The Savannah Bananas were back at it Friday night in BananaLand dropping taters and racking up strikeouts en route to a 10-4 win over the Macon Bacon to take a 4-1 series lead in the Breakfast Bowl.

Atta Boy, Atta Kid Reggie

Before getting to the win, the Nanners treated Reggie Horton, an absolute legend in BananaLand, with a gift on Friday night. As a thank you for being the Energy man of the team for the last 20 years, the Bananas gave Reggie a No. 23 jersey with that illustrious smile printed all over it. Reggie is the absolute heart of the locker room.

From his inspiring pregame speeches to the legendary Regginade, a variant of Gatorade that may or may not grant superpowers, Reginald is the one who is the glue in the locker room, keeping everyone on the same page in either phase of the game. To quote the legend, Atta Boy Reg!

Bombs Away

There was a beautiful moon gracing over Grayson Stadium on Friday night, but Dakota McFadden was adamant about bringing it down from the night sky with his absolute nuke jobs. The man who is built like a house (seriously) put on a laser show. It all started in the fourth inning when D-Mac The Killa absolutely torched a baseball to left field to give the Nanners a 7-0 lead.

As soon as he hit it, everyone in the stadium knew what happened. A murder. A murder of a baseball, and McFadden was the only suspect. As the ball tore through the night sky, McFadden and the rest of BananaLand admired the masterpiece. He took his time making his way down to first base and give the crowd an immaculate bat flip.

But McFadden wasn’t done. Not even close. The Smasher of Baseballs sent another ball that likely ended up on NORAD’s radar. McFadden, being the humble giant he is, said he didn’t get all of it. Didn’t matter. It was still one of the hardest balls hit throughout the entire series.

Cam’s Grand Entrance

He may have only been with the team for two games, including Friday night, but southpaw Cam Harvey fully embraced the mission that comes with being a Banana. For his first appearance ever with the team, Harvey didn’t enter the game from the bullpen.

Instead, he entered from the center field gate on a tractor. He handled the machinery with grace and came in mid-inning during the top of the fourth following Matt Malatesta’s fantastic start.

Let’s not pass over what he did either. Harvey came in a struck out a Macon hitter to end the inning to keep the game scoreless after four frames.

The Recap

The Nanners turned to 2021 CPL champion Matt Malatesta for the start on Friday night in BananaLand. The master of the forkball had his way with the Bacon lineup. He breezed through the first inning despite allowing a single.

The Bananas offense then came to the plate fresh off scoring 21 runs the night before in Macon. Suffice it to say, the bats are still hot. The newly-verified Bill LeRoy (seriously, he has a blue check on Twitter), got it started with a booming double to right center field. After a walk and a double play, LeRoy scored on a wild pitch. 1-0 Nanners.

In the second inning, Malatesta allowed a walk but wound up getting a soft ground ball to LeRoy at third base. Being the savvy vet he is, LeRoy took the easy out at first, but Macon’s first-base runner got greedy and tried to swipe third on the play. He succeeded as an errant throw from Zak, Can I Use Your First Base Mitt, Whalin went to the fence. The Macon baserunner must have thought he was Benny the Jet as he made his way toward home. But Jacob Looney Teston was there to back up the throw and showed off an absolute chooch to get the runner at home plate, saving a run.

In the bottom of the second, the most nuanced of Nanners in Josh Lavender started it off with a walk. Those score 100% of the time. The Nanners then ran a perfectly executed hit-and-run with Malachi Mitchell, who apparently hits dingers now? Flash Tha Kid smoked a single to left as Lavy moved to third base. Tapping into the Speed Force, Malachi swiped second and Lavy scored on the throw. 2-0 Nanners.

Malachi then swiped third base on a simple throw back to the pitcher. He’s that fast. Bill, Remember I’m Verified?, LeRoy then got in the box and literally switched sides every pitch, hitting both righty and lefty. He worked a full count and slapped an infield single up the middle to score Malachi. 3-0 Nanners.

In the bottom of the fourth inning (with Lavy and Malachi on base again), LeRoy hit a high fly ball into the dusk night at Grayson Stadium. This must have been his plan all along because the centerfielder lost it in the sky and two more runs came in. 5-0 Nanners.

After Cam Harvey’s cutting-edge entrance, McFadden tattooed a baseball to left field. We went over that. Absolute Nukeski. Immaculate pimp job. 7-0 Nanners.

The Nanners moved onto their next arm out of the bullpen in the fifth inning, turning to Maestor Eamon Collins (GoT reference there). He had no trouble whatsoever with the Bacon lineup. He even attempted to strike out four batters in one inning after a hitter reached on a dropped third strike. But he apparently wanted to save them the embarrassment because he’s a nice guy. Just kidding. He really wanted to get those four Ks.

In the bottom of the sixth, the 2021 CPL Broadcaster of the Year (well deserved) Biko, The Voice of the Nanners, Skalla got an at-bat on Big Tiger Friday. He made his way down all the way from the broadcast booth with a full suit over his Banana uniform. He embraced the entrance, ripping off his tearaway pants on top of the home dugout. He grounded out to first base but gave the Macon a worthy at-bat. Keep being the greatest ever, Biko.

In the same inning, McFadden hit his second nuke into the night, making BananaLand absolutely electric. 10-0 Nanners.

With a nine-inning game on tap in Macon tomorrow, the Nanners turned to Bill LeRoy to close out the nail-biter. He’s verified on Twitter. Not sure if you knew that. Though he did give up four runs, he kept the ice in his verified veins to close out the win.

What’s Next For The Nanners

The Nanners close out the second week of the Breakfast Bowl with a trip to Macon. Biko, The Biggest of Tigers, Skalla will have the call on the whiteboard with a 6:50 p.m. pregame.

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