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Employment Application

Our three levels of employment are Full Time, Intern, or Part Time Game-Day. To apply for any of these, please follow these steps. Please remember to be clear in your messaging which level of employment you are interested in and more specifically, what kind of role/what responsibilities you’re interested in.

Send a video cover letter, future resume, short essay on Fans First Way, and follow up with a phone call to 912-712-2482. Please send to Emily@TheSavannahBananas.com.

A. Video Cover Letter: A short video introducing yourself, stating why you want to work with us and why you would be a good fit in a certain position that you are applying for. This video is a cover letter but instead of written, it’s a video. Don’t worry as much about the quality of this video, it is more for us to get to see the real you, which position you would excel in the most, and how much you want the position. The more we can learn about you during this, the better. Show your personality! This is often sent best on a YouTube channel or another common video site.

B. Future Resume: We are hoping you’ve had a great past with a lot of awesome experiences, but honestly, what we want to focus on is your future. As you would set up a normal resume, please send us your future resumes – this is you in 5, 10, or 15 years. What are you best accomplishments, let’s assume you worked with us –  how long were you with our organization and what have you moved on to? What charities are you involved in? Have you gone back to school? What is your perfect future? Put it on a future resume – let’s see if we can make it happen for you.

C. Short Essay on Fans First Way: This philosophy is something that is very important to us. These are things that we focus on every day! The Fans First Way is: Always Be Caring, Different, Enthusiastic, Fun, Growing, and Hungry. Please write up a few sentences or thought about how you have each of the six qualities, examples of how you’ve shown it, examples on how you’re weak in an area but are aware and wanting to get better, etc. Honesty is the best policy here!

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