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The 2nd Annual Fansgiving Game will commence this November! Come give thanks and enjoy some Bananas baseball on Friday, November 13.

Gates will open at 5:45pm and the game will start at 6:30pm.

The game will be one of our signature Banana Ball games. The Bananas and the Pilgrims will face off in the ultimate Thanksgiving showdown. Both teams will be made up of former Bananas, collegiate and amateur players.


What to expect at Fansgiving:

-You’ll starve. But only for 66 minutes. To honor the 66 day journey across the ocean by the original pilgrims, no food will be served for the first 66 minutes of the gates being opened. Don’t worry, beer and water will be available as well as rations of popcorn and bread.

-Okay there will be food…and a lot of it. Once the 66 minutes is up, the biggest celebration will take place and everyone will be given unlimited food, soda and dessert.

-One “lucky” fan will win 100 cans of cranberry sauce. Yum!

-The first 104 fans that enter the stadium will be given the chance to dig for a hidden turkey leg in the outfield. The winner will receive a fully catered Thanksgiving meal.


Tickets are available now. Click here to purchase.

Put on your Thanksgiving best and come join us for Fansgiving on November 13!

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