Hometown Tryouts - The Savannah Bananas

Hometown Tryouts

For the first time ever, the Bananas are adding a sixth team to the All-Star Showdown!

This team will consist of 12 participants. Of the 12 participants, up to half, (including at least one pitcher) can be from the remaining Bananas roster; but the true focus of this team will be on the other team members. This year, the fans can tryout to be on the first Hometown Team in Bananas history. So whether they be first responders, military personnel, teachers, former professional athletes, local celebrities, etc. we want to make the fans a part of the team!

Tryouts have already been held, but don’t miss any of the action. You can still get tickets for the All-Star Showdown here:

Day 1: July 7

Day 2: July 8

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