It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over, Bananas Win 8-2 and Add Game Three to Playoffs Week

Your Bananas got an early start this morning and bussed on up to High Point, North Carolina for Game Two of the 2021 Petitt Cup Playoffs. After a tough loss at home last night, the Nanners got a good night’s rest and an incredible pre-game speech from the one and the only Reggie on the bus today. That added up to be the perfect combination for an 8-2 win and another Playoff Game secured. 

We’ll break this down by innings here. 

TOP OF THE FIRST: Nothing like starting the game off with a token Danny Oberst solo shot. Yep, Dan went yabo on his first at bat to bring a run across the board for the Bananas. Start hot, stay hot. 

BOTTOM OF THE FIRST: Fly ball gets out number one. Joe Miller picks up two strikeouts to end the inning. 

Bananas lead 1-0. 

SECOND INNING: A scoreless second inning ensued for both the Bananas and the HiToms. 

Bananas lead 1-0. 

TOP OF THE THIRD: This was a fun one here. Jesse Sherrill walks. A fielder’s choice from the HiToms second baseman on a grounder from Ty Jackson gets Sherrill out. They weren’t quick enough to roll the double play.  

With Ty on first, the Green Light Special ensued (it did get a little sketchy). As soon as Ty took off, the HiToms pitcher throws it to pick him off first. Ty flies safely into second as the ball gets stuck in the first basemen’s glove. Livan Reinoso comes up to the plate and hits a fly ball to left field. Jackson tags up and moves over to third.  

Next up: Danny Oberst. An infield single from Oberst brings home run number two of the night. 

BOTTOM OF THE THIRD: Fly out to Ty Jackson. Strikeout number 3 for Miller. Line drive to Oberst. 

Three up…three down. Bananas lead 2-0. 

TOP OF THE FOURTH: Aside from a nice little oppo taco double from Malinowski, the fourth was a silent inning for the Bananas. 

BOTTOM OF THE FOURTH: Out number one came from a high fly ball to Jesse Sherrill. Then a HiTom blasted a deep fly ball to Livan Reinoso out in right field, but don’t you worry. Reinoso leaps into the air like Lebron James dunking in the NBA finals, slams his back on the wall, and makes the snag for out number two. Joe Miller rings up the next batter for out number three. 

“I like to call that a little good morning, good afternoon, good night action.” – Biko Skalla on the Whiteboard Broadcast. 

Bananas lead 2-0. 

TOP OF THE FIFTH: Jesse Sherrill gets things going with an infield single. He is just Too. Dang. Fast. Ty Jackson lays down the most beautiful bunt on the third base line to move Sherrill. Gotta say, we’re loving this back-to-back Jesse/Ty combo. Livan Reinoso rips an infield single to the second baseman. Some heads up baserunning from Sherrill and he scores. 

BOTTOM OF THE FIFTH: Three up, three down baby. 

Bananas lead 3-0. 

SIXTH INNING: Nothing for the Nanner bats in the sixth. Come the bottom of the sixth and Joe Miller racks up three more Ks to bring his K count to nine. 

Bananas lead 3-0. 

TOP OF THE SEVENTH: Single from Sherrill. Ground out from Ty moves Sherrill over. (Told you we like this combo.) Livan Reinoso grounds one to the shortstop and reaches on an error. Sherrill moves on over to third. Bryson Bloomer rips an infield single to bring home Sherrill. Then hot dang, Eduardo Malinowski comes up to the plate and blasts one over left field for a three-run homerun. 

BOTTOM OF THE SEVENTH: HiToms hit a two-run homer. Joe Miller’s night comes to a close with eleven strikeouts and six straight shutout innings. Hayden Harris takes over the hill. 

Bananas lead 7-2. 

TOP OF THE EIGHTH: Zane Denton gets him a piece at the start of the inning with a single to center field. Cole Kitchen comes in to run for Denton. Bill LeRoy absolutely clobbers the 3-2 pitch to left center for an easy double. Cole Kitchen turns on the wheels and scores. 

BOTTOM OF THE EIGHTH: Ground out to Jesse Sherrill. Another groundout to Jesse Sherrill. Fly out to Ty Jackson. Boom Baby. 

Bananas lead 8-2. 

TOP OF THE NINTH: Bananas don’t add any in the top of the ninth. 

BOTTOM OF THE NINTH: After Hayden Harris locks down out number one, Matthew Steidl comes in from the pen to close things out. Three pitches in and a grounder up the middle to Steidl gets rolled into a double play and your Bananas secure the win! 

This means Game Three has been added and your Nanners will be back at Grayson Stadium tomorrow night.

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