Mil Cannon – The Man Behind the Camera

What would want to make a filmmaker who has worked with Usher, TLC, Mariah Carrey, P!nk, Outkast, American Idol, and Fortune 500 companies, work with a collegiate summer league team? 


A love and passion for their hometown and the sport of baseball. 


Mil Cannon was raised in Savannah, Georgia, and eventually moved to Atlanta to launch his film career.


Starting in News Film, Mil knew that he wanted to do more with his natural talent and creativity. He began working with several music artists and his success grew from there. 


Mil was awarded “Excellence in News Film” at the age of 17, and would later receive top recognition from EMMY, CINE, ADDV, and other prestigious groups. 


Even with his success in the world of film, a piece of him was still in Savannah. He had such a love for the city and Grayson Stadium, and when he heard that the Savannah Bananas would be making their debut in 2016, he knew that he had to be a part of it. 


In 2018, he reached out to Jesse and Emily Cole, owners of the Savannah Bananas, inviting them to his house. Jesse recounts that they spent four hours talking and sharing their personal stories with each other. 


“He cared so much about everything about us. The Bananas; how we came to Savannah; the whole story. He was fascinated. You could tell that he was a great filmmaker because he was so curious,” Jesse said. 


Since that first meeting, Mil has become a part of the Bananas family. 


From shark fishing with players to bringing staff members their favorite candy, Mil has gone above and beyond just being the “camera guy” at Grayson Stadium. He makes personal connections with everyone he meets which has earned him the title of “Uncle Mil” amongst the staff and players. 


“He brings so much energy. He brings so much enthusiasm. He brings so much talent and hard work. You almost feel like you need to match that,” Jared Orton, President of the Savannah Bananas, said. 


Mil doesn’t only have this effect on the staff, but also on the players. 


Throughout the entirety of the 2020 season, Mil has been capturing footage for “Behind the Mask”, a Bananas series about Bill Leroy, the 3 year catcher for the Bananas. 


This project has not only required Mil to be at the majority of games, but it has also called for him to spend several of his weekends at Bill’s host family’s house, Bill’s hometown (Dublin, GA), and even on a boat while the players fish. 


Bill said, “He’s been a blessing to me, not only for my show, but also as a friend in my life. . . I would like to thank Mil for the time and effort that he puts in to making everything the best. The guy never cuts any corners.”


Not only has he impacted Bill’s life, but he’s also had an impactful role in all of the players’ and coaches’ lives these past three years. 


“To be honest, I feel like Mil is my brother. He flew out to Arizona for my wedding in October to film it. I just appreciate all of the work that Mil has put in,” Tyler Gillum, head coach of the Bananas, said. 


Mil has been an inspiration to the whole Bananas family and has contributed more than one could imagine. 


Jesse Cole stated, “Mil is always on. And that’s what makes all of this special. That’s why we’re inspired by him.”


Mil has done so much for the Bananas, it’s hard to even start to thank him. 


Jared Orton said, “I would like to thank Mil for sticking it out with us. For him to consistently pour into us and this operation, you don’t find a lot of people like that.” 


“Mil, we love you. We appreciate you more than you know. Thanks for being a part of the team. You will always be a part of the Bananas, my friend,” Jesse Cole said. 


People don’t always think about the person behind the camera, but Mil does not go unnoticed with the Bananas. He is a true Banana through and through, and will forever be a part of the Bananas family.

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