Starting her Bananas journey doing a little bit of many things, Gabby has loved getting to experience all the various areas that make up this Banana Bunch! She is now thrilled to join the Merchandise Department in this new role and is most excited to find unique and creative ways to bring the Fans First experience to our merchandise and online store experiences which extend past the ballpark.

Though you may not see her at her desk often, you can probably find her out back in the fulfillment area, coffee in one hand and shipping labels in the other, organizing something, receiving merch deliveries, moving boxes, or looking for her keys and/or phone. Gabby is also a freelance photographer, an avid Enneagram enthusiast, and obsessed with doggos. When she’s not at the stadium you can find her beachin’ it with friends, hanging out in a coffee shop, finding adventures to get into, and trying new things.