Thank You Fans

Our Bananas Fans,

We can’t believe we are finishing up our fourth season! Banana Nation has become even larger than the first three years and we are so proud of you for helping build this amazing community.

You guys are crazy for the Bananas and we love it. With every game being a sell out again this year, our team can feel the support echoing off the stadium walls every night!

This season has been special. Head coach Tyler Gillum became the winningest coach in Bananas history. We’ve come from behind to have walk off wins at multiple games.
We had two Military family surprises and two proposals on our field. We mic’d up our players for the first time and our players even took the field on Segways.

To top it off, we remained undefeated in Kilts and made the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

This season we also introduced new characters like the Man-Nanas, The Official High Fiver, DJ Peelz on Wheels, our 10 year old co-host, Summer Santa and Maceo, our new break-dancing coach. These new characters complemented our famous Banana Nanas and Banana Pep Band who took their performances to another level in 2019.

You welcomed all these new additions with open arms. You helped bring an electric atmosphere to Grayson Stadium and provide a special feeling for all in attendance. You are the reason our players love playing here. You’re the reason they love to dance, wear kilts, sign autographs, take pictures, and make memories all summer long. We get hundreds of requests from players to play in Savannah each year and it’s because of you.

Many of you have sent in notes of encouragement and praise and you help our staff love what they do. You inspire them to continue to get better and dream bigger dreams for this team. You make us feel confident that this is just the beginning of what the Bananas can become.

Our goal is to continue to strive towards being the most fans first company in the world. Fans First Entertainment cares about being different, enthusiastic, fun, growing, and hungry so we can provide the best entertainment for you.

So, for all of your support for allowing us to chase those dreams, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We have a strong vision to bring Fans First to the world and we are just getting started.
Thanks again for everything & Go Bananas!

Emily & Jesse Cole
& the entire Savannah Bananas Bunch

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