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With only five days to go until we release the schedule for our 2023 Banana Ball World Tour, I thought it would be a fun and worthwhile exercise to create a mock draft of sorts for where we may be heading this upcoming year. This has zero influence on where we will go of course, as there are a multitude of factors that go into each destination on our upcoming tour. But it should give everyone out in the wide-ranging Bananas Nation some ideas on where we could be headed, and some of the reasons for why we’ll be there. Naturally, Savannah will not be on this list as we know we’ve got at least 30 games in our home city already. So without further ado, here is my 2023 Banana Ball World Tour City Mock Draft. Oh and please send any complaints you have with my list to Zack@TheSavannahBananas.com. And awayyyyyy we go!

  1. New York, New York: Sure I grew up two hours north of NYC so there is bias involved here, but this is an unassailable number one overall pick. New York has more than double the population of any other city in the country. It has Broadway, the United Nations, two teams in each of the four major sports leagues including the most successful team in American sports history in the Yankees and two of the three most valuable franchises in the world (Yankees again and Knicks), top notch food of every kind, and just about anything else you could want from a city. Plus a wise man once said, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”NYC Moving Guide: The New York City Boroughs, Explained
  2. Los Angeles, California: As obvious as NYC is for #1, the same goes for LA here. The home of Hollywood, seven major sports teams (yes I’ll even count you too, Angels), beautiful weather, incredible food and beaches to boot. I thought about putting Akron, Ohio in this spot just to rile the people up but I’m trying to make a legitimate mock draft here, so LA deservingly gets the spot. Don’t worry Akron, I’ll get you on my list a little later on. Los Angeles County, California - Wikipedia
  3. This is where things get interesting… I’m going chalk here and select Chicago, Illinois: The city that defines the center of our country, with great sports teams and signature foods like deep dish pizza and their special hot dogs with absolutely no ketchup allowed. Plus they’ve got that shiny bean and some notable buildings. That deserves the third overall ranking in my book.Explore Chicago Loop | Tours, Parks, Restaurants & Shopping | Choose Chicago
  4. San Francisco, California: I almost put San Fran ahead of Chicago, but I think I have it in the right spot here. A beautiful city known for its insane hills, that big ole’ pretty bridge, Steph Curry, and the food and culture deserving of such a high spot on this list. There’s a reason why it’s the most expensive city in the U.S. It’s really got a lot going for it.San Francisco - Wikipedia
  5. Washington, D.C.: I mean it is the capital after all, I think it deserves to sneak into the top 5. The National Mall boasts our most iconic monuments and museums in the country, plus you’ve got four historic sports franchises, two of whom captured titles within the last five years. Throw in the White House, Congress, and all that good stuff, and you’ve got yourself a mighty important and also quite a fun city.Learn 10 Facts About Washington, D.C.
  6. San Diego, California: It pains me to put three California cities in the top six but I just know San Diego deserves this spot. I’m pretty sure nobody has said anything bad about San Diego literally ever in the history of the world. It’s beyond beautiful, supposedly boasts the best tacos in our country, and I would wager it is just about as happy a city as you can find. Just great vibes in general down there in the bottom of California.San Diego, California: Sunny Beaches, Family Fun, Culture, History
  7. Las Vegas, Nevada: The gambling capital of our country, which is debatably more important than being the actual capital of our country. It’s got the Raiders and Golden Knights and will almost definitely have an MLB and NBA team within the next decade. Whether you’re eloping, on a bachelor/bachelorette trip, having a fantasy football draft, or a dermatology nurses convention, Vegas is the place for you. Las Vegas Hotels, Shows, Things to Do, Restaurants & Maps
  8. Boston, Massachusetts: Many people think I am talking about Chicago when I say “Beantown,” but just because you have a large silver bean does not let you steal the nickname from our country’s oldest city. As rich a city in history as you can find in the U.S. Boston’s not a one trick pony as it has been the most successful city in sports in the 21st century, is jam packed with powerful colleges and boasts plenty of fun nighttime activities too. Living in Boston | Admissions
  9. Miami, Florida: I’ve never been, but it’s one of those places where you just know you’re going to have one of the greatest times of your life once you finally get there. The definition of party city, Miami’s got the big sports, the beaches, the culture, the food, the weather. True 5-tool city. Miami Moving Guide: Find the Best Neighborhoods in Miami for You - PODS Moving and Storage Blog
  10. Houston, Texas: Feels wrong to get out of the top 10 without having a city from Texas represented. Luckily, that’s not a world we have to live in, because I snuck Houston in here. You’re welcome. Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio all deserved consideration but Houston is the bell of the ball of the Lone Star State. It has the most people, three major sports teams (one less than Dallas when you give them the Rangers), and from what I’ve gathered in life, the most cultural relevance. Congrats, H-Town.15 Things To Know About Living In Houston
  11. Seattle, Washington: A beloved city by all who have experienced it, at least for all those that I have come across. They’ve got tons of tech, invented Starbucks, will have four major sports teams when the NBA inevitably expands, and lots of tasty fish. The pride of the Pacific Northwest, with its tall pointy building, just barely misses the top 10.Seattle Skyline | Visiting Seattle today had to get the famo… | Flickr
  12. Atlanta, Georgia: I honestly feel like Atlanta slipped here, but we have a lot of amazing cities in this country and that’s just the way it is. There will always be snubs. Anyhow, Andre 3000 was right when he said, “The South’s got something to say,” because Atlanta is a dynamite city. A booming media industry, three major sports teams, the cultural hub of the south, and best of all just four hours from Savannah. The ATL is more than worthy of its spot here.atlanta-skyline-wide - Office of Faculty Affairs
  13. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: The fifth largest city in the United States, Philly holds a sacred place in my heart. I just absolutely adore and respect the sports fans in the City of Brotherly Love, which does not at all describe their demeanor. They are fiercely loyal to their four main teams, and just like my people in New York are not at all afraid to voice displeasure with their own teams’ struggles. Throw in the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Liberty Bell, the steps where a fictional boxer trained, Paddy’s Pub, and boatloads more history plus those delicious cheese steak sandwiches (wiz wit, of course), and you’ve got yourself one Gritty city. Philly's skyline has room to grow compared to rest of U.S., report finds - Curbed Philly
  14. San Jose, California: About an hour south of San Francisco and five hours north of Los Angeles, you couldn’t ask for a much better location. It surprised me to see San Jose is the 10th largest city in the country and as I dug deeper I loved what I saw more and more. Surrounded by the U.S. tech hub of Silicon Valley, San Jose has a rich history, has a powerful food scene, is right by the ocean, and has insanely strong nature surrounding it.File:San Jose California Skyline.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
  15. Dallas, Texas: Only five spots below Houston, Dallas checks in with the most valuable sports team in the world with the Cowboys and three other successful teams to go with them. The Big D has loads of museums, corporate headquarters, BBQ, music and nighttime shenanigans to get into. I’m also counting Fort Worth with Dallas. I know they’re two separate cities but I kind of thought they were all one happy family when writing this and I’ve already done all 100 cities so they meld together! Lights Of Downtown Dallas Skyline Dim For Weeks As Migratory Birds Pass Through - CBS DFW
  16. Austin, Texas: Okay let’s just bang these big Texas cities out while we’re at it, aye. Austin comes in right behind Dallas just for its lack of, for lack of a better word, BIG. But where Austin lacks in outright size and power, it makes up with a booming music and art scene. The slogan “Keep Austin Weird” has been a chief motto as of late, and the capital of Texas also boasts the University of Texas as well as tremendous nature surrounding the city. 5 Tallest Skyscraper Buildings in Downtown Austin Skyline | UrbanMatter Austin
  17. Honolulu, Hawaii: It doesn’t rank in the top 50 cities when it comes to population, but where Honolulu lacks in the amount of people it makes up for with natural beauty. The capital of the Aloha State, it’s a paradise with incredible food, bars, and is basically the gateway to the rest of the islands that make up our most beautiful state, Hawaii. Honolulu-Waikiki Skyline Photograph by Donald Pash | Fine Art America
  18. Orlando, Florida: No ocean can be found near Orlando but you do get Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and Busch Gardens. Any city with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter inside it will not rank below 20 in my U.S. city ranking list. Throw in a bunch more theme parks and tons more entertainment, and Orlando is our second city from the Sunshine State.Lake Eola Skyline at Dusk - Orlando Florida Cityscape Panorama Photograph by Gregory Ballos | Fine Art America
  19. Phoenix, Arizona: I almost put Phoenix above Orlando, and if it wasn’t for my main man HP I would have. This is the fastest growing city in the country over the past decade and fits into the category with San Diego and Seattle where I just haven’t heard anything bad about it (besides the heat). You’re a few hours away from the Grand Canyon and countless other natural wonders, plus the food slaps and there’s loads of art. Throw in that it’s home to the Cactus League, half of MLB’s Spring Training and now you’re really getting wild. Plus it has Scottsdale, the home of Johnny Gomes which he has sold me on being quite possibly the greatest place on earth. Phoenix, I will visit you soon, mark my words.Rogue Columnist: The skyline through time
  20. Denver, Colorado: Man the hits just keep on coming. What a fantastic city to round out the top 20. Four great sports teams, including the most recent winners of the Stanley Cup in the Avalanche, and probably the most beautiful park in Major League Baseball with Coors Field. Then you add in the preposterous natural beauty with the Rocky Mountains that host top notch skiing and snowboarding, some cool laws and industries built around said laws, and loads of museums and all that good stuff. The capital of Colorado makes the short list of cities nobody really says anything bad about.Denver Skyline Mural Wallpaper | Murals Your Way
  21. New Orleans, Louisiana: This feels low for New Orleans, but the more I dug into all the great cities that make up this country the more I had to bump the Big Easy down. Alas, New Orleans falls no lower than this! Just the 49th largest city in the country, it LOVES its Saints in the NFL and will support the Pelicans in the NBA if they’re good. Mardi Gras is hands down the greatest party in the United States, the gumbo and jambalaya can’t be reproduced half as good as it is in and around the “Birthplace of Jazz”, and the culture of the city is probably as special and unique as anywhere else in 50 states. NOLA Hotel Near Superdome & Smoothie King Center | Le Pavillon Hotel
  22. Minneapolis, Minnesota: The home of Prince is really all I need to say about this half of the “Twin Cities”. Right on the Mississippi river, the gem of the Land of 10,000 Lakes has incredible sports, the largest mall in the country (which I always confused with the National Mall growing up), and some serious art and sculpture joints.12 Must-Know Things About Living in Minneapolis, MN
  23. Nashville, Tennessee: Music City is the best place for any young country musician to try and make it big time. The Honky Tonk Highway on Broadway is unlike any other street in the country. You throw in that tasty hot chicken, Vanderbilt University, the Country Music Hall of Fame and many other music themed museums like it, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a city.Nashville Skyline Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash
  24. Tampa Bay, Florida: Right on the Gulf of Mexico, Tampa and nearby St. Petersburg are full of phenomenal food spots, great places to get after it, and boast terrific natural beauty. You throw in the Tom Brady led 2021 Super Bowl Champion Buccaneers, the always competitive 2020 American League Champion Rays and the recently dominant Lightning who took home back-to-back Stanley Cups in 2020 and 2021, plus a top notch aquarium and murals on what feels like at least 80% of the buildings and you’ve got yourself a killer time.Tampa's skyline about to undergo transformation | wtsp.com
  25. Portland, Oregon: My second favorite Portland in the United States (it’s not fair, I’ve only been to the one in Maine which is an insanely awesome city for what it’s worth), Portland, Oregon, has become the center of weird in our country (sorry, Austin). Oregon’s largest city is filled to the brim with bike paths and other outdoor fun, plus boasts plenty of microbreweries, boutique coffee houses, organic tofu farms, and all that mumbo jumbo. Portland, Oregon - Wikipedia
  26. Baltimore, Maryland: Home of the National Aquarium, birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner, and most importantly host of the always strong Ravens in the NFL and usually terrible Orioles who luckily play in one of the best ballparks in the country, Camden Yards. Well the O’s are eight games ahead of the Red Sox (for 4th place in the AL East) at the time of this writing, so things are looking up there. Really cool city with plenty of history and culture to it.Amazon.com: Baltimore Inner Harbor Skyline 2020 Photo Print UNFRAMED Three Styles 11.75 inches x 36 inches Photographic Panorama Poster Picture Standard Size: Baltimore City Posters: Posters & Prints
  27. Raleigh, North Carolina: For what I rate as a top eight state (full Biko state ratings not available at this time), it’s somewhat surprising that North Carolina doesn’t have a city until now. Then you look at the Tar Heel State and you realize it’s the depth that makes it so great, not a star city shining above the others. I digress. Raleigh narrowly edges out Charlotte in my book. Raleigh is the state capital, has NC State which is less than a half an hour from Duke and UNC, the legendary Durham Bulls right around the corner as well, and is just two hours from Wilmington, quite possibly my favorite beach city I’ve ever come across.10 Places to Catch Summer Sunrises and Sunsets in Raleigh, N.C.
  28. Charleston, South Carolina: Let’s let the Palmetto State get in on the action here too. It’s got loads of history, great museums, is right on the water, has some sweet islands to check out, and dynamite food including a restaurant owned by Bill Murray. Sign me up for a trip (kind of can’t believe I haven’t been there yet.) Charleston-Skyline-1600x498 - Zero George
  29. Sacramento, California: We’re back in the Golden State for the northernmost big time city in California. About an hour and a half northeast of San Francisco, the capital of Cali was built by the Gold Rush and that history can be found in wooden sidewalks and many a museum. The Kings are one of the worst NBA franchises of the 21st century, but hey at least they’ve got one and the future is semi-bright for them. Surrounded by about 17 national forests, Sacramento boasts natural beauty with the best of ’em.Itinerary: Family Fun in Sacramento Lets You Make Memories in Your Own Town & Stay Safe
  30. San Antonio, Texas: The home of Gregg Popovich and his remarkably successful Spurs (5 NBA Championships since 1999), San Antonio is really best known for its beautiful and eventful Riverwalk. With a zoo, art museum, the Texas Golf Hall of Fame, and a plethora of restaurants and shops, the self-proclaimed number one attraction in Texas is aided by The Alamo and a handful of other historical landmarks to make San Antonio a top 30 city in my mock draft. Well done, San Antonio.San Antonio Cityscape Skyline Aerial by Dszc                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Alright, now that we’re out of the top 30 things get a little dicier and my personal opinion as a man who hasn’t visited the majority of these cities weighs even greater. Please refrain from anger if your city is looked past, but if you do get mad remember to send your emails to Zack@TheSavannahBananas.com. Let’s trudge on!                                                                                                                                                                                           
  31. Indianapolis, Indiana: The capital of the Hoosier State was historically most well known for the Indy 500 but recently has always been a home for March Madness, including the Final Four in 2021. The 14th largest city in the country, “The Crossroads of America” loves its Colts and has the largest children’s museum in the world. Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana Skyline
  32. Charlotte, North Carolina: Surprisingly the second-most powerful banking city in the U.S. only behind New York, Charlotte’s got a couple schmeckles underneath its proverbial mattress. Throw in the NASCAR Hall of Fame, the Hornets in the NBA (who likely will always stink but at least have two Ball brothers now) and the Panthers in the NFL (who are less likely to always stink and have at least gotten to two Super Bowls this century, although lost them both), and you’ve got yourself some fun happenings!Charlotte Lights - Wells Fargo Stories
  33. Jacksonville, Florida: The largest city by land owned in the United States and the largest population-wise in Florida, our friends just two hours down I-95 have a heck of a setup. With the Jaguars roaring to life behind #1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence, the seat of Duval County is in high spirits and was just declared a Top 5 Job Market in the U.S. by Forbes. Plenty of beaches and the country’s largest urban park system are all within Jacksonville’s borders. Aerial of Downtown Jacksonville, Florida
  34. Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri: Although the bulk of Kansas City is actually on the Missouri side of the border, what matters most is that Legends Field, home of the Kansas City Monarchs, is on the Kansas side. “Paris of the Plains” has some of the best barbeque I’ve had in my life, the Negro League Museum which is one of the most magical places I’ve ever been lucky enough to experience, and in my next trip to KC I would like to get to see the National World War I Museum too. Kansas City Skyline Aerial Photograph by Ryan Heffron | Pixels
  35. St. Louis, Missouri: Pictures and video do not do the Gateway Arch justice. I only passed by, twice, but getting to drive right next to the legendary Busch Stadium and see the arch in person was a serious bucket list experience. Word on the street is the BBQ here is stellar too, and then you throw in the second-most winning team in MLB history with the Cardinals (11 World Series) and the lovable Blues in the NHL who won their first Stanley Cup in 2019 and you’ve got yourself a mighty quality ciudad. St. Louis Skyline With The Gateway Arch Photograph by Kubrak78 | Fine Art America
  36. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Right on Lake Michigan’s western shore is “Cream Town,” AKA “Brew City,” also known as “The German Athens.” All are applicable because of the countless breweries, the MLB team named for them to go with them, the 2021 NBA Champion Bucks and their titan of a leader, the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, as well as a mock European City and a recreation of old Milwaukee inside the Milwaukee Public Museum.Milwaukee, Wisconsin Weekend Guide | Marriott Bonvoy Traveler
  37. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Our tour of the Midwest continues with the home of the world’s largest urban white-water rafting facility. OKC swiped Seattle’s NBA team back in 2008 and the Thunder (used to be Supersonics) actually have experienced quite a bit of success for a small market by NBA standards. The capital of Oklahoma, “The Big Friendly” has housed our trick pitcher extraordinaire, Mat Wolf, in recent years, so we are forever grateful to it.
  38. Provo, Utah: “What in tarnation, Biko?! I’ve never heard of Provo, Utah before.” Well I only ever knew about it because of BYU, but everywhere I look online people can’t stop talking about it. From what I’ve found scouring the interwebs for the best cities in this fine country, Provo actually really deserves some recognition. I’ve seen it in the top 3 as far as crime and near the top of most lists for income equality. “Wow, Biko, you’re really hitting us with some facts here!” Darn tootin’. Plus it’s got a ton of cool nature stuff with loads of mountains to the east and Utah Lake to the west. How about that!Aerial View of Provo Utah with River Valley and Utah Lake | Flickr
  39. Salt Lake City, Utah: It doesn’t totally feel like the best city in the country for an upstate New Yorker like myself to visit, but once again here I can’t deny what Salt Lake City’s got to offer. Apparently some of the drinking laws have been relaxed in recent years so breweries are starting to pop up in Utah’s capital, they’ve got oodles of that beautiful nature I love so much, and just like it’s “Beehive State” buddy Provo, “The Crossroads of the West” is ranked super high in unemployment rate and income equality, top three in each. Throw in the now tanking Utah Jazz into the mix and I would consider myself lucky to get to spend some time there!usa-utah-salt-lake-city-aerial-night-panoramic-images - Aero-Graphics, Inc | Aerial Mapping
  40. Madison, Wisconsin: We stick to the middle of the country because Madison is near the top of my college town bucket list. Wisconsin is consistently ranked close to my alma mater Syracuse in the Associated Press’s top 5 party schools in the country and “Mad City” is actually one of just two cities in the country to be built on an isthmus (a narrow strip of land connecting two larger areas of land with water on either side). Seattle is the only other. The capital of Wisconsin is nestled right between lakes Mendota and Monona. I dig that big time.Above it all
  41. Portland, Maine: I don’t care if this is recency bias (I was in Portland less than a month ago), and I don’t care if this is a reach. Portland absolutely rocks. Also, Portland, Oregon, was literally named after Portland, Maine, because of how much it rocks absolute socks. Fact. It’s got tasty lobster in every way you could ever want to eat, loads of mhhhhhm dynamite restaurants, and fun nightlife activities like the kind of places where you push through a bookcase to get to a cocktail bar in the back of a restaurant that already has a different bar in the front. Then you throw in magnificent islands you get to via ferry AND you’re just a half an hour from the Desert of Maine. Did you know they’ve got a desert in Maine?! (Well kind of, but that’s a long story). Gosh I should have put the first and true Portland higher on this list.Maine's Public Universities welcome Roux Institute at Northeastern University to Maine - UMaine News - University of Maine
  42. Omaha, Nebraska: Let’s get us some of the “Cornhusker State!” Omaha is the biggest city Nebraska boasts, its still got Warren Buffet, it’s top 5 in unemployment and top 20 in income inequality, and gave us the band 311 (I’m a semi-big fan). Then you toss in that Omaha’s the host of the College World Series, right on the Missouri River and has a ton of dope animal stuff happening like an aquarium, big cat sanctuary and indoor rainforest, and you’ve got yourself my kind of town.Omaha, Nebraska - WorldAtlas
  43. Oxnard, California: Funny name for a city, I know. I’ve had a few chuckles myself just saying it out loud. Honestly, the more research I’ve done about Oxnard the higher I think it should have been on my list but I’ve never heard of this silly place before creating this mock draft. It’s about an hour west of LA, smack dab in the middle of Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. It dominates the Pacific Ocean, it’s just all up on that water. Oxnard has a marine sanctuary, all kinds of sweet mountains and forests around it, and right next door is the only true port between LA and San Francisco. Powerful city!4105 Harbour Island Lane, Oxnard, CA 93035 | Compass
  44. Poughkeepsie, New York: The “Queen City on the Hudson” is about two hours north of New York City, and more importantly just 45 minutes south of my home town of Saugerties. One of the country’s oldest cities with over three centuries under its belt, Poughkeepsie has three superb colleges (Marist, Vassar, and the Culinary Institute of America – better known as the CIA). It is top 10 in household income, prosperity, and unemployment percentage, while possessing a multitude of top notch restaurants. Surround it with the beautiful Hudson Valley and you’ve got yourself a bona fide star on the rise.Things to Do in Poughkeepsie, NY | Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel
  45. Columbus, Ohio: The capital of Ohio is also the “Buckeye State’s” largest city and of course the home of the Buckeyes themselves. The Ohio State University, the numerous parks and trails that line the Scioto River, a zoo that recently lost its legendary bison named Clover (heartbreaking, I know), a healthy amount of museums, and an ole’ fashioned German village all combine to make Columbus a unique and fast growing city. columbus-ohio-drone-photo | Infinite Impact
  46. Des Moines, Iowa: I wanted to put Des Moines in the top 10 for its Poppajohn Sculpture Park alone (beware if you google it, some of the sculptures are actually nightmare fuel). The capital of Iowa also has a solid farmers market where people can be found playing fine tunes while you purchase produce and a botanical garden that has some serious plantage on display. Plus if you’re looking to stay more than just one Banana Ball weekend the housing prices are ⅔ the nation’s average and most of the metrics for education and economics are really quite solid. Data blast!Des Moines Aerial - Looking South | The city of Des Moines i… | Flickr
  47. Detroit, Michigan: This feels too low for Detroit. It’s the 21st largest city in the U.S. and has a storied team in each of the four major sports. Sure the Lions, Tigers, Pistons, and Red Wings have been mostly dismal as of late, but the Red Wings have the 3rd-most Stanley Cups all-time and the Pistons and Tigers combine for 7 championships. The Lions have never made the Super Bowl but they’ve been around since 1930 so that should count for something. Okay enough sports talk. Obviously, Detroit isn’t the powerhouse it was when “Motor City” was “The Arsenal of Democracy” in the 1950’s, but more people are arriving instead of leaving for the first time in a long time and it was #11 in the most recent Fortune 500 ranking. Certainly even more important than that, Motown ranked #15 in the country in Instagram hashtags this past year.Stunning aerial photos of Detroit like you've never seen it before - mlive.com
  48. Hartford, Connecticut: Hartford started as a Connecticut trading post in 1633 and would go on to be the capital of “The Constitution State.” As it nears its 400th birthday in just over a decade, Hartford has taken pride in gifting the world with the likes of Mark Twain and Katherine Hepburn, and even more important than either of them is the fact it harbored Tik Tok sensation Jackson Olson for four years of college. Throw in a sculpture park dedicated to Abe Lincoln, a bustling riverfront, and an art museum to make “the insurance capital of the world” a delightful New England city. Aerial View of Hartford | Connecticut tourism, Best tourist destinations, Tourism
  49. Tulsa, Oklahoma: Oklahoma take a bow, you’ve got two cities in Biko’s top 50. Tulsa, unfortunately like many cities in the United States, has a dark history. You simply cannot talk about the city without discussing the Tulsa Race Massacre in 1921, believed to be the worst of its kind in our country’s lifetime. In the matter of just 18 hours a white militia destroyed more than 1,000 homes and businesses in the Greenwood District, which was known as “Black Wall Street” and killed somewhere between 50 and 300 people. In recent years Tulsa has come to truly recognize the atrocity and finally memorialized it with a museum, Greenwood Rising, dedicated to what was the wealthiest black community in the country before the massacre. The museum, combined with the $465-million, 66.5 acre Gathering Place urban park also created in 2020, which was named one of Time Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places, have helped rebuild Tulsa into the up and coming city it is today. Add in that it is the country’s smallest city to have its own ballet, opera, and symphony, and you’ve got yourself a city on the rise. Tulsa, Oklahoma Skyline Aerial
  50. Ogden, Utah: Son of a gun, Utah’s done it again! About 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City, “Junction City” has the lake and the mountains too while also boasting the #1 prosperity ranking in the country. It’s top of the country in unemployment rate and second nationally in income equality. Plus you’ve got an Air Force base, Weber State University, full size dynos, great food and lots of cowboy stuff. Pop off, Ogden!City of Ogden, Utah - Jeffrey Favero Fine Art Photography
  51. Tucson, Arizona: Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but a city in Arizona is experiencing an absolute population boom. Less than two hours south of our darling Phoenix, “The Old Pueblo” holds the University of Arizona, apparently has some dynamite shopping, all kinds of common “greenspace” and more of it being built every day, and it’s surrounded by scenic mountains and a national forest all while being just over an hour from the border with Mexico. Drone Aerial Photography Tucson - Real Estate - Construction - Professional
  52. Virginia Beach, Virginia: The first nomination from “Old Dominion” is Virginia’s largest city. At the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and right up on the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is about 3.5 hours southeast of Washington, D.C. “The Resort City ” has got nature out the wazoo, a big ole’ boardwalk, a gnarly aquarium, a ViBe Creative District with all kinds of art, and the world’s longest running surf competition in late August. Aerial Imagery | Sandbridge Realty
  53. Fresno, California: Cali’s largest inland city, “The Raisin Capital of the World” is just about smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Basically a base for Yosemite National park with a multitude of national forests and Death Valley National Park all relatively close as well, Fresno’s got powerful nature on every side. It will take you a few hours to get to the ocean but there are a plethora of beautiful beaches for you to choose from once you get there.Fresno Convention Center/Downtown
  54. Colorado Springs, Colorado: “Little London” is over 6,000 feet about sea level and rests at the eastern edge of the Colorado Mountains. About an hour and a half south of Denver, Colorado Springs has an Air Force base, Pike National Forest with Pikes Peak over 14,000 high, and the Garden of the Gods with all those snazzy red rocks and funky mountains to look at. Also, I had a 2K basketball franchise with one of my best friends located in Colorado Springs and we won like 7 NBA titles so it has a special place in my heart.500+ Colorado Springs Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash
  55. Boise, Idaho: “The City of Trees” is the capital of Idaho, and registers as the first city from “The Gem State” to make my list. Boise State University and its cool blue football field is here, plus an old prison turned museum, plenty of the arts, and loads of trails and parks.How Much has Boise, Idaho Grown? 10 Years Makes A Big Difference
  56. El Paso, Texas: Nestled into the far western border of Texas, right in between New Mexico and the original Mexico, “The Sun City” is about 80% Latino and from what I gather can go punch for punch in the Latin food department with any city in the country (looking at you, San Diego). It was ranked the 5th safest city in the country recently, has a cool ballpark and arena downtown, a children’s museum, a few medical schools and a cute little streetcar to get you from here to there. Also it wins the award for coolest signs, with the legendary 857 miles to El Paso sign taking the cake.Enjoy Our Hotels in El Paso, TX | Radisson Hotels Americas
  57. Richmond, Virginia: You give Virginia a taste of my mock draft and all of a sudden they’re back for more just five picks later. This goes in the category of Biko has spent some time here and loved it. There are a handful of colleges highlighted by the University of Richmond on the outskirts and VCU built right into the city. The food is great, the history is interesting but also not so great as the capital of Virginia is one of the oldest cities in the country so you get the good: Patrick Henry declared, “Give me liberty or give me death” in Richmond in 1775. But then less than a century later it was the headquarters of the Confederacy. It all combines to make for some beautiful architecture, that’s for sure.SkyShots Photography |
  58. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: I think I missed on Pittsburgh here, as it feels like a steal at #58. The second largest city in Pennsylvania, it continues to be on the rise and has one of the most beautiful ballparks in Major League Baseball. The Pirates have a storied history, as do the Steelers and Penguins. Yeah this is big time value this late in the draft. “Steel City” is at the junction of three rivers, has the powerful duo of Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, plus the Andy Warhol Museum of Art and an excellent botanical garden.I will never tire of this aerial view. : r/pittsburgh
  59. Albany, New York: Feels high time the capital of New York gets in on the action. About 45 minutes north of my hometown of Saugerties, “The Cradle of the Union” has the impressive Empire State Plaza with all these cool pools and underground art-filled shopping centers, The Egg which is a unique performing arts center where I saw Rafi as a toddler (heck of a performance by the man by the way), and there’s plenty of good food and nightlife to be had. Throw in the big ole’ New York State Capitol building from the 1800’s, the New York State museum and an art museum with loads of famous Hudson River School paintings and you’ve got yourself a few days of fun at least.File:Albany.jpg - Wikipedia
  60. Louisville, Kentucky: Kentucky’s largest city is the first from “The Bluegrass State” to get in here and like many before it you could argue it should be higher on my list. This is a hard thing to do, and remember to send all complaints you have to Zack@TheSavannahBananas.com. The home of the Kentucky Derby, the University of Louisville, the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Mohamad Ali Center, loads of top notch bourbon and some terrific food to be had. It’s definitely a bucket list city.Louisville Slugger Field, Louisville, Kentucky
  61. Providence, Rhode Island: Another addition to the Biko had a heck of a time here list. It was on an American Legion Baseball trip where we played ball at Brown and Bryant, and of course we were too young to do anything too crazy but I thoroughly enjoyed the capital of Rhode Island. Waterplace Park is a sight to behold and there are plenty of buildings from the 1700’s that are a trip to set your eyes on too.Providence Rhode Island Skyline Downtown, Aerial Drone Overhead New England City Stock Video Footage 00:09 SBV-334645371 - Storyblocks
  62. Montgomery, Alabama: High time Alabama made the mock draft. I am once again biased here as we had the time of our lives in the city and at Riverwalk Stadium this past spring on the 2022 Banana Ball World Tour. Incredible food, loads of history (much of it dedicated to the fact that Montgomery was the slave capital of the south which is gut-wrenching to see and read through), the black granite Civil Rights Memorial and exhibition center, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church where Martin Luther Jr. preached and would end up being a mainstay in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, plus the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art Displays all combine to make the state capital more than a worthwhile visit. Just be careful of curbs if you do, they’ll sneak up on you quick and before you know it you’re falling face-first into a bush.Aerial view of Montgomery, Alabama | Library of Congress
  63. Daytona Beach, Florida: Okay, once I started thinking about the World Tour I realized Daytona Beach needs to be noted here too. The Daytona Speedway is an insanely impressive structure to behold, the beach is delightful and has a stellar boardwalk, Jackie Robinson Ballpark is probably the most unique and has the most beautiful setting for any baseball field I’ve been lucky enough to see, and the downtown scene is a blast and a half. We had a ten out of ten experience in Daytona, and I truly hope we get to make a return trip.Daytona Beach Harbor in Daytona Beach, FL, United States - harbor Reviews - Phone Number - Marinas.com
  64. West Palm Beach, Florida: The 2022 World Tour train continues to have coal tossed into the engine as WPB gets its time to shine. The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches is IMMACULATE. Just an absolutely bonkers facility and another destination I would love to experience again. Then you have downtown with all sorts of colorful murals, great food and a really fun day and night time atmosphere. I’m all in on West Palm Beach.Palm Beach, Florida - WorldAtlas
  65. Birmingham, Alabama: Birmingham, you dirty dog, get in here too! Obviously Rickwood Field is about as magical of an arena to play ball as any in the country. Our nation’s oldest baseball stadium is just a part of the fun in Birmingham though, as the downtown scene is a great time and we had some tasty meals here too. “The Magic City” is Alabama’s most populous and continues to grow rapidly because it’s awesome.Downtown Birmingham, Alabama by AviatorAndy on DeviantArt
  66. Columbus, Georgia: I mean it’s pander-o-clock so let’s give Columbus some love here too. A city that surprisingly reminded me of a lot of the surrounding towns and cities in my home of Upstate New York, Columbus had loads of roaring live music (on a Wednesday night I may add), it’s right on the Chattahoochee River and therefore the Alabama border which adds some fun time change nonsense into the equation, and it’s got the National Civil War Naval Museum with all sorts of neat 19th century vessels. The cherry on top is Golden Park, a really cute and funky little ballpark right on the edge of the Chattahoochee. And boy oh boy what a game did we have there last year. Checkout episode four of the Bananaland documentary on ESPN+ to relive that wild night.Uptown Columbus
  67. Cape Coral, Florida: I honestly wouldn’t even think of calling this a city based on my time in Cape Coral but I will say it’s one heck of a place. To be fair it holds nearly 200-thousand people, more than a handful of cities already on my list, so let’s give it the honor it deserves here. The natural beauty is off the charts, the canal system is a blast to explore, you’re right under Fort Myers which holds gorgeous beaches and a really cool beachfront to boot, and there are plenty of great golf courses and tennis courts if you can get up early enough to beat the eldercockers there. Cape Coral, Florida - WorldAtlas
  68. Cincinnati, Ohio: This might be a bit low for Cincy, but I’ve never been to “The Queen City” (one of like 25 “Queen City’s in the country I may add), so I can’t vouch for its Skyline Chili that is universally hated, nor its Over-the-Rhine district that by all regards looks like a really delightful historical experience. Throw in the Reds, a storied franchise in MLB and the Bengals who were in the Super Bowl this past season, as well as works spanning over 6,000 years at the art museum and the zoo that famously housed our fallen king Harambe, and you’ve got yourself a destination that has to be explored.Aerial view of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio along the Ohio River | Library of Congress
  69. Durham, North Carolina: I get that Durham is its own city, but after experiencing it as well as Raleigh this past summer I really feel like they should be combined into one. Anyhow, Durham is powerful enough on its own to be a top 70 city in my book, but go take a gander at my Raleigh explanation up at #27 to understand why this area is a truly magnificent one in a multitude of ways.durham nc aerial photos — Bull City Blog ― Downtown Durham NC — ONE CITY CENTER
  70. Riverside, California: I know, I know, another city in California. It’s just a really powerful state, nothing I can do about it. Riverside is about an hour west of Las Angeles and right on the Santa Ana River. It’s got a great college in the University of California, Riverside, tons of history, nearly half the population can speak a language other than English, and plenty of other fun and beautiful California attributes. Premium Photo | Aerial view of riverside county california united states
  71. Albuquerque, New Mexico: New Mexico has entered the chat. I know it’s one of the most naturally beautiful states in this country, so it seems a bit of a shame not to have a city represented until now. But better late than never! Albuquerque is the largest city in “The Land of Enchantment” and sits in the high desert. Founded in 1706 as a Spanish colony, it’s got snazzy adobe buildings, a bunch of museums, killer food, and strong Native American culture imbued throughout. Downtown Albuquerque Sunset 360 Panorama Drone Aerial Photography — Jason Collin Photography
  72. Fayetteville, Arkansas: Time for “The Land of Opportunity” to get in on the action here too. Home of the University of Arkansas, “The Track Capital of the World” has the Clinton House Museum, some sweet planes and such at the Air and Military Museum, and it is right above the Ozarks so it’s surrounded by top notch nature.Fayetteville Named Best Place To Live In The SEC…Again! | Arkansas Razorbacks
  73. New Haven, Connecticut: Most famously known as the home of the New Haven Llamas, a fictional minor league baseball team myself and two buddies created in college to be the rival of the Hartford YardGoats, some few may know “The Elm City” as the home of Yale University. To each their own. There are all kinds of Yale themed museums and such to be found in this city on the Long Island Sound, plus some Egyptian Revival gateway to an an 18th century cemetery and also one time I was driving through and randomly stopped at the most impressive food truck festival I’ve seen in my life and had delicious barrio tacos. I like this place. New Haven Aerial | Aerial photo of New Haven | Yale University Events | Flickr
  74. Akron, Ohio: I told you I wanted to put it #2, and I’ve done a heck of a job restraining myself from placing it higher than this. Of course being the hometown of LeBron James has really helped put Akron on the map, but there is a lot more going on here than just gifting us with one of the two greatest basketball players of all-time. Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens is the sixth-largest historical home open to the public in the country, the art museum has all kinds of good stuff in it, and just to the north you can experience a mock-19th century town at the Hale Farm and Village. Color me curious Akron, color me curious.Akron/Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau | Ohio. Find It Here.
  75. Worcester, Massachusetts: There are plenty of powerful alumni to be had with 10 colleges in its borders, but the second-largest city in Massachusetts also boasts a sweet science and nature museum, an art museum with Roman and medieval armor and such, and the WooSox, the Red Sox Triple-A club. Pretty much right in the middle of “The Baked-Bean State,” Worcester is an hour out of Boston, about two hours from Cape Cod as well as Albany, NY. From the Business Manager's Desk: "Love Polar Park? Thank the hometown union workers who made it possible" - IUOE Local 4
  76. Lexington, Kentucky: “The Horse Capital of the World” has just about every horse themed type building and event you could ever desire (except for a Triple Crown track, but they’re less than an hour and a half from Louisville, so I’ll accept that as a substitute). The heart of bourbon country also has a budding craft beer business and some no-joke cuisine highlighted by the old Greyline Bus Station that hosts restaurants, a farmer’s market, shops and an outdoor amphitheater. On The Table conversations planned for Lexington KY | Lexington Herald Leader
  77. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Located on the Grand River and about a half an hour from the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids truly seems like a delightful place. “Furniture City” has a tropical conservatory with sculptures and multiple lush gardens, plenty of art and downtown is jam packed with breweries.Aerial of Grand Rapids, Michigan
  78. Rancho Cucamonga, California: A half an hour north of Riverside and an hour west of Los Angeles, Rancho Cucamonga is nestled just south of the San Gabriel Mountains and west of San Bernardino National Forest. Plenty of vineyards and incredible food can be found in what is accredited to be the birthplace of the “Flamin’ Hot” flavor of Cheetos, (by far the best flavor). The Bluffs - Apartments in Rancho Cucamonga, CA | Westside Rentals
  79. Wichita, Kansas: The largest city in Kansas, “The Air Capital of the World,” has Wichita State University and lots of fun stuff to look at, which of course is my jam. A tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, Egyptian mummies, a wildflower meadow, a Chinese garden, an Old Cowtown Museum and many other things that help us understand what life was like in the past both here and far. Wichita Kansas Skyline by Aerial Drone Stock Video Footage 00:17 SBV-337658069 - Storyblocks
  80. Cleveland, Ohio: And Kid Cudi rejoices! Pop open those Bud Light fridges that were locked up for the Browns 635 day losing streak and must have been restocked at this point waiting for its inclusion on this list. Cleveland catches a lot of flack for being a terrible city. Like it’s clearly the poster child for terrible cities in the U.S. But I have never been and I am not here to curb stomp Cleveland without having a firsthand account of what many in the world have not enjoyed at all. I will say though, on Pilot Pete’s season of the Bachelor Cleveland looked pretty cool! I mean obviously they’re going to paint it in the best light possible, but there’s definitely plenty of ways to have a blast in Cleveland. It shares a water border with Canada as it is right on Lake Erie, the Cuyahoga River hasn’t caught fire since 1969, they’ve got three major sports teams and the Guardians actually just shocked the baseball world by winning the dismal American League Central. Things are happening in Cleveland! Wait, how did Cleveland just get the longest writeup in this whole mock draft?
  81. Pensacola, Florida: Right at the western end of the Florida Panhandle sits Pensacola, with beautiful white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. How in the world did I put this below Cleveland?! Well Pensacola just doesn’t have the size and chutzpah of Cleveland, so we’ll leave things as is. “The City of Five Flags” does hold a special place in my heart for a location I’ve never been to, as it is less than an hour east of Mobile, Alabama, where we had our first ever World Tour Game in Hank Aaron Stadium. The ballpark is under new management and it looks like it may sadly be demolished, although currently it stands vacant waiting for judgment. Pensacola may be the closest thing I can get to that 2021 One City World Tour magic again, so I’ll take what I can get.5 Cool Things I Discovered in Pensacola Beach
  82. Buffalo, New York: About three and a half hours northeast of Cleveland, also on the edge of Lake Erie is Buffalo. Surprisingly, as a lifelong New Yorker, I have never made the trip that far west (my journeys have always ended around an hour short of Buffalo, just past Rochester playing baseball against SUNY Brockport). The home of the greatest chicken wings in the world, “The Empire State’s” second largest city is right on the border with Ontario, Canada, and is about 20 minutes south of the mystical Niagara Falls, (bucket list destination). Throw in the Buffalo Bills (Boy I Love Losing Super Bowls) who look like the best team in the NFL this year and the Sabers who play hockey terribly as of late in the NHL, and you’ve got yourself a grand old time of a city!Why Buffalo? - Forge Buffalo
  83. Spokane, Washington: On the eastern edge of “The Evergreen State” sits Spokane, with a few colleges highlighted by Gonzaga who has been a force to be reckoned with this past decade in basketball. You also get Vast Riverside Park, home to the 1974 World’s Fair, beautiful Spokane Falls, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture and of course your classic old fashioned house or two.Aerial of Downtown Spokane ⋆ Spokane Drone Photography and Video
  84. Modesto, California: I wish I could quit Cali, I really do, but they’ve just got dazzling cities one after another. Modesto is about an hour and a half east of San Francisco and San Jose and south of Sacramento. A killer location, great food and nightlife from what I’ve seen, fantastic weather and surrounded by top notch nature. Your classic California city.Friendly Village of Modesto - Sun Communities
  85. Syracuse, New York: You know what it’s time to do it. Sure besides Buffalo, Syracuse probably has the worst weather on this list. Sure Onondaga Lake pound for pound is the most polluted lake in the world. Sureee there might be another downside or two to Cuse, but you know what, every city has its problems. You know what every city doesn’t have? Syracuse University (consistently ranked within the top 5 of the AP’s best party schools in the country) and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, the best journalism school in the country (cold hard fact). The Erie Canal Museum, the J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology, the JMA Wireless Dome (used to be the Carrier Dome) that every year packs more fans in for college basketball games than any other court in the country, the Syracuse Mets (Triple-A affiliate), the Syracuse Crunch (AHL affiliate of the Tampa Bay Lightning), and the Landmark Theatre. Oh I also failed to mention that it’s the “Salt City,” the “Crossroads of New York,” and of course the host of the New York State Fair. Take that for data.
  86. Greenville, South Carolina: I had to put Greenville below Syracuse because at first I remembered it as the city Jim Boeheim famously trashed because it kept hosting the ACC Tournament. That would actually be Greensboro, but it’s in the same state and has the same first five letters so it’s too close for comfort. Turns out Greenville actually rocks though, with awesome nature surrounding it highlighted by Falls Park on the Reedy and Paris Mountain State Park, big time art and history on display throughout the city, and tasty BBQ. Congrats Greenville, on not only not being Greensboro, but also by all accounts that can be found on the internet being an excellent city.Greenville, South Carolina – Midtown Magazine
  87. Rochester, New York: A couple hours west of Syracuse and about an hour east of Buffalo, Rochester serves as a really quality city in Central New York. On Lake Ontario and next to the Genesee River’s High Falls, “Flower City” has tons of toys and dolls in the Strong National Museum of Play and many snazzy picture themed displays at the George Eastman Museum (the founder of Kodak). It’s a good city, and 87 feels just about right for it.File:Rochester aerial aug 17 2007.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
  88. Knoxville, Tennessee: “The Marble City” is located on the Tennessee River about three hours east of Nashville and two hours north of Chattanooga, close to the North Carolina border. It still has the first building built in the city back in 1786, a log cabin inside James White’s Fort, plus plenty of art and history from the Civil War and all that good stuff.Aerial photos of downtown, UT, East and South Knoxville
  89. Springfield, Massachusetts: Another city close to my heart, as my grandparents on my dad’s side met at college here and I’ve had many great days eating and puttering about in “The City of Firsts.” Then you throw in that James Naismith invented the sport of basketball here, so it naturally holds the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, add in that there are a plethora of other museums covering a surprising number of topics and you’ve got yourself a darn good city.City of Springfield, MA: City of Springfield, MA
  90. Cooperstown, New York: While we’re on the topic of museums, I think Cooperstown deserves a shoutout. Sure it’s not a city in the slightest (the most recent census had less than 2,000 people in the town), but it holds the National Baseball Hall of Fame for gosh sakes!!! One of my favorite places in the world is always a good way to sneak your way into a top 100 “cities” in the U.S. list. Toss in that Cooperstown is an absolutely phenomenal town on top of that: Right at the base of Lake Otsego, you also have the Farmer’s Museum and Fenimore Art Museum, tons of baseball memorabilia shops and great places to grab a bite to eat as well as an old fashioned baseball tournament my dad and I went to for a few years. It’s honestly been too long since I’ve been to Cooperstown now that I think of it.Cooperstown Meetings and Event Venues in Otsego County
  91. Memphis, Tennessee: Alright, back to the legitimate cities here. Our third city from “The Volunteer State” sits in the bottom west corner, a little more than three hours from Nashville. Home of the Grizzlies, one of the most exciting young teams in the NBA right now, Memphis is known for its phenomenal music, highlighted by Sun Studio where Elvis Presly, B.B. King, Johnny Cash and many more legendary names have recorded albums. You also have the Rock n’ Soul Museum, Blues Hall of Fame, Stax Museum of American Soul Music, and Elvis’s Graceland mansion. Ahh I may have put Memphis too low… What can you do!Skyline of Memphis, TN Aerial
  92. Brockton, Massachusetts: About an hour south of Boston and north of Cape Cod, while about 40 minutes from an assortment of beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, Brockton’s location is prime. One of only two seats in Plymouth County, Brockton is a stone’s throw from where the Mayflower touched down in 1620. Delicious New England clam chowder and other great seafood treats found in the ocean nearby are a stable of the cuisine of “The City of Champions,” which is possibly best known for its top notch athletes in the professional ranks as well amateurs as at the powerful Brockton High School and with the Brockton Rox of the Futures League. 671 Summer St, Brockton, MA 02302 | TMRE Photography
  93. Lansing, Michigan: The capital of Michigan since it usurped Detroit in 1846, is probably most notable nowadays for housing Michigan State University. Pretty center cut when it comes to its spot in “The Great Lakes State,” my favorite fun fact is it has the Potter Park Zoo which houses endangered and threatened species like the Magellanic penguins, black rhinos and golden lion tamarins. Toss in some Oldsmobile cars at the transportation museum and you’ve got yourself a top 100 worthy city.Explore Hotels in Lansing, MI | Radisson Hotels Americas
  94. Augusta, Georgia: Another one where I feel like I’ve let slip a little too low on my list. “The Garden City” is certainly most known for Augusta National Golf Club, the site of The Masters Tournament since 1934. It’s not a one trick pony though, as the city’s museum also hosts exhibits dedicated to James Brown (not 100% sure why), has the Augusta Riverwalk along the Savannah River, a little art action and the boyhood home of President Woodrow Wilson.Augusta E-Newsletter Request Form | Augusta, Georgia
  95. Sugarland, Texas: Less than a half an hour southwest from Houston and about an hour from the Gulf of Mexico, Sugarland hosts the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugarland with a saltwater aquarium and digital domed theater. Sugarland Memorial Park, the Brazos River Courier, and Oyster Creek Park combine to give Sugarland the best of both worlds with Houston just down the road and top notch nature all around. Also, what a delicious name.Desitown, USA: Little India of Texas, City of Sugar Land
  96. Stockton, California: Honestly California should have its own category, as it had three of the top six cities and this is number eleven overall. But I am not one to deny a great city, and that’s just what Stockton is. Situated pretty much smack dab in the middle of San Francisco, San Jose, Modesto, and Sacramento, Stockton is perched on the San Joaquin River. It’s got the art and history required to make this list, the Oak Grove Regional Park has trails and a lake full of catfish, and 20 minutes away in Lodi you can find Grove Regional Park which has a Japanese garden, the San Joaquin County Historical Museum and of course a zoo.5 Reasons to Love Stockton, California | Visit Stockton
  97. Charleston, West Virginia: West Virginia, WELCOME TO THE PARTY! The capital of “The Mountain State” is at the crossroads of the Kanawha and Elk rivers. The West Virginia State Museum, Downtown’s Capitol Market which holds a variety of food vendors in a former freight station, and a load more museums, a planetarium, and a concert hall make Charleston a well-rounded city. Add in that it’s surrounded by four national forests and within four hours of former cities on my list Cincinnati, Pittsburg, Columbus, Lexington and Greensboro, and you’ve got all you need! Charleston, WV | American Adventure
  98. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: The capital of “The Keystone State” has something to say. I really didn’t know diddly ding about Harrisburg before this exercise but like many of the cities on this list I have loved what I found. It’s right on the Susquehanna River, holds the National Civil War Museum, has the State Museum of Pennsylvania and is a half an hour from Hershey Park, which seems like a delightful place to spend a day. Plus being two hours from Philly and a little over three from Pittsburg puts it in the middle of the two big boy cities in the state.Harrisburg, PA Late Fall 2019 | Aerial view of the Susquehan… | Flickr
  99. Trenton, New Jersey: If you’re a big fan of state capitals then you’re mighty welcome for these last three selections. Let me get out in front of this: New Jersey is an awesome state. I’m not trying to be some high and mighty New Yorker throwing six of my cities in and just one at the end from “The Garden State.” The truth is that like many states in our union, New Jersey is a some of its parts which are many fantastic different parts but not necessarily one crown jewel rises above the rest. Jersey City and Hoboken could obviously have their names called on this list but I consider them the sixth borough of NYC, so honestly New Jersey has a part in our top city on the list already. A belated congratulations is in order! Okay, enough excuses, let’s explain why Trenton gets the nod here. It’s the capital and also was the capital of the United States for nearly two months in 1784. It’s right next to the illustrious Princeton University, about 45 minutes from Philly and just over an hour outside of “the Big Apple.” Combine the whole state and once national capital deal with the fact that when George Washington crossed the Delaware to claim his first victory of the American Revolution that battle happened in Trenton, and you get yourself loads of history to check out. There’s great food highlighted by a Pork Roll Festival every summer and you have the Trenton Thunder with an awesome ballpark to take in some baseball. Trenton, NJ | Official Website
  100. Kannapolis, North Carolina: A half hour north of Charlotte, Kannapolis is another reason why I rank North Carolina so high as a state. It’s just a couple hours from Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and about three from Wilmington. You’ve got great nature all around it, the Cannonballers (Low-A affiliate of the White Sox), it is the hometown of the Earnhardt family of NASCAR fame as well as the headquarters for the Haas F1 racing team and naturally the Curb Museum for Music and Motorsports resides there. City of Kannapolis launches Imagine Kannapolis project

Wow. That was much more intense of an exercise than I ever could have imagined. Turns out once I start digging deep into the cities we could travel to on our 2023 Banana Ball World Tour I get carried away. Congratulations for making it this far. Your reward is a few honorable mentions in no particular order:

Anchorage, Alaska

Wilmington, North Carolina

Tallahassee, Florida

Bangor, Maine

Anne Arbor, Michigan

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Bismarck, North Dakota

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Billings, Montana

Eugene, Oregon

Oakland, California

Long Beach, California

Reno, Nevada

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Lincoln, Nebraska

Corpus Christi, Texas

Lafayette, Louisiana

Springfield, Missouri

Little Rock, Arkansas

South Bend, Indiana

Allentown, Pennsylvania

Saugerties, New York 😉

That was a marathon of a read. Hopefully we can get to some of the cities on my list, and more of them in the future! Once again I am deeply sorry if your city didn’t crack my top 100. I didn’t know much about half of these cities before writing this mock draft, so please go easy on me and remember to send all complaints to Zack@TheSavannahBananas.com

Remember to go to the Bananas YouTube page on October 4th at 7:00pm eastern to find out where we will be going this upcoming year!