The Savannah Bananas Receive over 250 Book Title Suggestions from Fans!

Banana Nation & Fananas, you guys rock! We’ve now received over 250 book title suggestions for our new book.

The creativity with the title suggestions has blown us away!


We received titles that made us laugh:

“I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more bananas.”

“Kilts, Tropical Fruit, Spanish Moss and Baseball. I don’t need a subtitle, you know you want to read this book.”

Punny Titles: “Fruit for the Home Team: Fans First Culture and Bananas Results”

“Peeling Back the Layers of Fun” “Going Bananas, a Bunch of Apeeling Stories”

Titles with heart: “Fans 2 Family: We are the Savannah Bananas”

Titles that confused us: “Who Stole My Banana and can he play Second Base.”

Magical Titles: “The Magic of Banana Land”

Family Approved Titles: “Savannah Bananas: Kid Tested, Mother Approved.”

Pop Culture Titles: “51 Shades of Yellow” & “Booky McBookface”

Inspirational Titles: “Going Bananas For Fans: How a small town baseball team is changing the world.” “Bananas: A True Yellow Brick Road Story”

Titles About Our Ballpark Sayings: “When I say Savannah, You Say Bananas” and “Donut”

Even titles about our rival: “Bringin the Bacon Back Home: Baseball Returns to Macon.”

And a bunch of other creative Titles like:

Banana Shenanigans: Men in Kilts

The Ripe Stuff

SaFANnah Bananas

Put Your Best Fruit Forward

The Ripening

Here, Hold My Peel: The Remarkable Journey From Dream to Redefining Baseball

It’s not crazy if it works: it’s actually still Bananas

Ripe for The Taking: How the Savannah Bananas Became a Baseball Phenomenon


You’ve truly inspired us to make this book special and stand out as much as these titles.

We as a team are going to narrow it down and find the most appealing fit! In the meantime, keep sharing your stories, we can’t wait to share more with you!

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