The Savannah Bananas
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We make baseball fun.
Fans First. Entertain Always. All Inclusive. Join the Priority List
We make
baseball fun.
Join the Priority List Fans First. Entertain Always. All Inclusive.

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“*follows the Savannah Bananas just because they provide the chaos I crave*” -Adri_Unsung (Twitter)
“This team has the same vibe as the last day of school.” -predatorsallday (TikTok)
“Is there anything better than a Savannah Bananas game on a hot southern summer evening? I think not. Described as a show where sometimes baseball breaks out, it is an absolutely fantastic time for the whole family…5 Stars (or 5 bananas) all the way!” -NachoConnery

“Doesn’t matter if you like traditional baseball or are there to be entertained, this is an exceptional baseball experience that is not to be missed.” – Brent Habley

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