Don’t strike out looking for tickets.

The ꓘ Club is chock-full of potassium for the 2024 season.

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2025 K Club Interest List

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What is the ꓘ Club?

It’s the greatest fan club in ALL of sports.
It’s a beautiful community of folks who share a love for Banana Ball.
It’s where the biggest Bananas (and Party Animal) fans come to never miss the chance to purchase tickets to a show.


  • TICKETS: You’ll have 100% guaranteed access to purchase tickets to any Bananas show before the public access. Purchase up to 6 tickets a show.
  • LINES: K Clubbers have their own special line at all shows, in Savannah and otherwise! K Clubbers don’t get in early, but you do get in quicker. If you’re in the K Club line before the gates open, it is scientifically proven (probably) that you’ll have the best seats in the house!
  • SWAG: We’ll mail you a K Club Badge to wear proudly at Bananas games and events! Your badge is the key to access the K Club line for yourself and up to 5 more of your Banana loving friends coming with you to the show. You’re about to be everyone’s bestie.
  • COMMUNITY: Engage with the biggest Bananas fans online with the Bananas K Club Facebook page. This is where you’ll choose to make the most of your K Club experience. Joining the Facebook page will give you access to:
  • ☆ K Club only chats for members watching the YouTube stream
  • ☆ Buy, Sell, and Swap tickets at face value with other trusty members
  • ☆ Support for any and all questions you might have
  • ☆ Exclusive content like giveaways, Q&As with our players, and more
  • AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: When you become a K Clubber, your membership will automatically renew every year.
  • EXTRA LOVIN’: You’ll always be on the top of our mind. You can bet your bottom dollar that whenever an opportunity to show you a little extra appreciation pops up, we will hop on it!