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The Club

Don’t strike out looking for tickets.

The ꓘ Club is chock-full of potassium for the 2023 season.

We are not accepting new members at this time.

Join the K Club Interest List for the 2024 Season!

K Club Interest List

Fill out this list to be the first to know when the K Club is ready to be packed full of more potassium for 2024!
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Potassium Packed Perks:

  • 100% Guaranteed access to purchase any possible ticket to any Bananas game before the public access, as long as it is not sold out. Once an event sells out – it’s Sold Out. K Club Members will not have the ability to purchase tickets for games that have already Sold Out, but you’ll always be notified before a game sells out.
  • Skip the gameday line – jump to the front gate at any game you attend, see the pre-game parade performance, and get the best seats in the house every night 
  • Authentic K-List Membership Badge to wear proudly at Bananas games and events 
  • Engage with the biggest Bananas fans online with the Bananas K-Club Facebook page 
  • Invite to exclusive events both in Savannah and as the Bananas travel around the country
  • Share your perks with the people you love. You’ll be able to purchase up to 5 tickets for any event with your K-Club Membership AND those people can skip the line with you. 

What is the ꓘ Club?