K Club - The Savannah Bananas
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The Club

Don’t strike out looking for tickets.

The ꓘ Club is chock-full of potassium for the 2024 season.

We are not accepting new members at this time.

Join the K Club Interest List for the 2025 Season!

2025 K Club Interest List

Fill out this list to be the first to know when the K Club is ready to be packed full of more potassium for 2025!

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The ꓘ Club invitations for 2024 have been signed, sealed, and delivered.

Didn’t join the list in time? No worries, you can join the waitlist to see if there are any spots available after memberships go on sale on September 15th.

Hoka Buzz Word (K Club)


What is the ꓘ Club?

It’s the greatest fan club in ALL of sports.

It’s a beautiful community of folks who share a love for Banana Ball.

It’s where the biggest Bananas (and Party Animal) fans come to never miss the chance to purchase tickets to a show.


Potassium Packed Perks:

  • TICKETS: You’ll have 100% guaranteed access to purchase tickets to any Bananas show before the public access. Purchase up to 6 tickets a show.

  • LINES: K Clubbers have their own special line at all shows, in Savannah and otherwise! K Clubbers don’t get in early, but you do get in quicker. If you’re in the K Club line before the gates open, it is scientifically proven (probably) that you’ll have the best seats in the house!

  • SWAG: We’ll mail you a K Club Badge to wear proudly at Bananas games and events! Your badge is the key to access the K Club line for yourself and up to 4 more of your Banana loving friends coming with you to the show. You’re about to be everyone’s bestie.

  • COMMUNITY: Engage with the biggest Bananas fans online with the Bananas K Club Facebook page. This is where you’ll choose to make the most of your K Club experience. Joining the Facebook page will give you access to:

    ☆ K Club only chats for members watching the YouTube stream

    ☆ Buy, Sell, and Swap tickets at face value with other trusty members

    ☆ Support for any and all questions you might have

    ☆ Exclusive content like giveaways, Q&As with our players, and more

  • AUTOMATIC RENEWAL: When you become a K Clubber, your membership will automatically renew every year.

  • EXTRA LOVIN’: You’ll always be on the top of our mind. You can bet your bottom dollar that whenever an opportunity to show you a little extra appreciation pops up, we will hop on it!