Tickets - The Savannah Bananas
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These aren’t your typical tickets

Your Savannah Bananas Experience Starts Here.

The most fun you’ll have at a baseball game.
You name it, we have it. Just be mentally prepared.

Tickets start at $35.
No hidden fees, no tax, all bananas!

The 2024 Schedule will be announced October 5th, 2023 at 7pm ET.

You can watch it live on our YouTube!

How do I get tickets?

Here’s what you can expect on October 5th.

The draft livestream will begin on our YouTube at 7pm ET. Immediately after the draft is over, the Ticket Lottery List will officially open up. We’ll have a direct link to the list anywhere and everywhere (including this page) after the draft so it’ll be easy to find and sign up.

Joining the Ticket Lottery List does not guarantee the opportunity to buy tickets. A random drawing will take place about two months before the event. If you’re selected, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase tickets.

The Ticket Lottery List will close December 1, 2023. If you don’t join in that timeframe, you will not have the opportunity to be drawn in the lottery for 2024 shows.

Countdown is on, get ready for October 5th!