2021 Breakfast Bowl Awards

Written by Biko Skalla:


The Bananas drubbed the Bacon 13-3 to win the second annual Breakfast Bowl 7 games to 1. To celebrate the Nanners second championship of the summer, I’ve got a quick game recap and then some awards to hand out to some very worthy Tigers.

The Bananas took the lead in the 2nd when Zak, “This is My Game,” Whalin, walked and came around to score on a wild pitch. The Bacon pushed a run across in the 2nd and 3rd innings to jump out in front 2-1, and held that lead until the 5th.

Malachi, “Sorry I Stole 3rd, I’m Trying to Get My Stats Up,” Mitchell, walked and stole 2nd and 3rd and then came in on a wild pitch to tie the game. Dakota, I’ll Keep it in the Yard This Time, McFadden, hit a sac fly to center to bring in Bill, “Huh, I Wonder if They Give Out a Breakfast Bowl MVP?”, LeRoy, to retake the lead. Josh, “What Time’s the Early Bird Special?”, Lavender, and Chris, “What’d I Miss?”, Vazquez, both shot 2-out RBI singles into the outfield as the Bananas took a 6-2 lead. The guys pushed 4 runs across in the 8th and 3 more across in the 9th for a baker’s dozen on the night.

Matt, Hope You Can Hit a Splitter, Malatesta, got the final start of the summer and scattered a couple runs over 4 innings of 7 strikeout ball. Then a parade of relievers took care of the next five innings.

5th inning: Davis, Four Outs for the Price of Three, Agle.

6th inning: Gavin, My Second Outing Was A Lot More Fun, Keipp-Stroud.

7th inning: Justin, I Was Super Nervous Until Reggie Visited Me on the Mound, DeGrandis.

8th inning: Sean, Just a Couple K’s Away From Striking Out the Side, Fluke.

9th inning: Eamonn, The Irish Emasculator, Collins.

Bam. Bananas win 13-3 and take 7 out of the 8 Breakfast Bowl games they play.

Now for the fun part. Breakfast Bowl AWARDS!

MVP – Bill LeRoy

How apropos. But this is the farthest thing from a “Oh this guy’s been here for four years and is a fan favorite, let’s just make him the MVP”, type of award. Bill has been the best player in the 8-game series and it’s not very close. The stats speak for themselves: 13/26, HR, 3 doubles, 7 walks, 12 RBI (tied with D-Mac for series high), 11 runs, 5/6 stolen bases, 3 HBP. His slash line was .500/.618/.731.

Plus then you throw in his ability to manifest the exact play that he wants to make at third…

Unreal stuff. Well deserved my dear friend, can’t wait to see if you can bring the hot bat into the Spring Series!

CY Young: Christian Dearman

The third year Banana was nearly unhittable in the Bowl, throwing 12 innings while only allowing 2 earned runs (both came in on a 2-out infield single) on 7 hits and 5 walks, while striking out a series-high 19 hitters and also plunking a series-high 7. Also this was electric…

Most Talented: Dalton Mauldin

You ever hear this guy sing? Voice of an angel! Plus he can play ball too. He was 9/26, with a homer, double, 7 RBI’s, 9 runs, 7 walks, and 3 steals. He hit .346 and had a .485 OBP, all while playing a terrific 2nd base. And of course you can’t forget the most beautiful interview you’ve ever heard…

The Cheat Code: Dakota McFadden

It’s not every day that you have a Greek God join forces with your team for the last two weekends of your Breakfast Bowl. D-Mac showed how valuable he can be when he played for the Bananas in the Spring Series, but he showed how preposterous he can be in the Breakfast Bowl. Dakota was the only guy to have multiple home runs in the series, as he went 9/20 with a double, 12 RBI’s, 5 runs, 2 walks, and was 5/6 stealing bases. He hit .450 with a .522 OBP. He also pitched 2.1 scoreless innings, only allowing one man to reach base because he plunked him with a mid-90’s fastball. You shouldn’t be allowed to do that, and hit balls like this…

Most Likely to Get a Professional Contract: Jamey Smart

Statistically Jamey has the best Bananas career of all-time. He was 5/6 with 2 walks and 2 HBP. The only time he made an out, he bashed a ball to the deepest part of Grayson Stadium and it was caught right in front of the wall in right-center. He has a career .833 batting average and .900 on-base-percentage. Also, he had a lot of fun and was a focal point in this Little League World Series video racking up over a million views on Facebook…

In a video filled with dynamite performances, nobody delivered their line better than Jamey. Now if there was an award for best supporting role in the video above, it may go to our next award winner…

Best Writer/Player: Kevin Hickey

Aww man I was really hoping I could win this one. Alas, Kevin doesn’t groundout anytime he tries to hit a breaking ball. In fact, Kevin has actually been a superb hitter throughout his Bananas career, and his second Breakfast Bowl was no different. Mr. Ballon Hands was 3/4, with a double, 3 RBI’s, and a run scored. The only out he made was a lineout to left. It’s honestly nuts that he keeps hitting like this.

Really Good Pitchers With Stats Almost as Good as Dearman Just Not Quite as Good: Kyle Luigs and Matt Malatesta

The Bananas rotation Thursday-Saturday all three weekends was Luigs, Malatesta, Dearman (until the final Saturday was cancelled and Dearman came in for relief this past Thursday). They were all tremendous. In 13.2 innings pitched, Kyle gave up 4 earned runs for a 2.64 ERA, while striking out 18 and only walking 2. In 11.1 innings, Matt only allowed 3 runs for a 2.32 ERA, while also striking out 18 and only walking 4. Luigs also went 2-6 with a double and 3 runs scored at the plate, while holding down a superb centerfield for 2 innings.

Fastest Guy: Malachi Mitchell

Sure he was the favorite coming in for this award, but that doesn’t mean that what Flash Tha Kid did in the Breakfast Bowl wasn’t incredibly impressive. Malachi was 6/19, hitting .316, while walking 4 times and being hit once to push his OBP up to .458. He also showed some pop, hitting the first home run of his entire baseball career as well as a double, driving in 4 runs and scoring a series high 12. Where he dominated the game at a terrifying level was on the base paths, as he swiped a 12 bases in 12 attempts in just 8 game played. That was quite fun to watch. Oh and here’s a Tik Tok he created that has over 650,000 views of him almost singlehandedly manufacturing a run with his speed…


Absolutely VIBRATING around the bases last night⚡️ #CODAduets #mlb #StyleSnap #baseball #PerfectMarcJacobs

♬ original sound – Stephanie Box

Okay, just a few more rapid fire awards before I got to sleep and set this up for a little morning post action.

Best Mullet: Sean Fluke

Best Catcher Who Wore a Go Pro While He Caught: Zak Whalin

Strongest Man: Bill Pearson

Best Viral Golf Walkup to Home Plate: Josh Lavender

Most Toned Body: Mike Vavasis

Second Best Mustache: Janson Neff (behind Sean Fluke’s)

Best At-Bat: Eamonn Collins

Best MLB the Show Player: Justin DeGrandis


Feel free to let me know what Breakfast Bowl awards you think I may have missed here! What a blast this was. Terrific bow to slap on an unreal summer.



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