A Letter From the Bananas Owners

Bananas Fans,

To see you back at Grayson Stadium this season means more than you know.  The challenges we have gone through as a community to get here are more than we could have ever imagined.   But we made it.  We found a way. And we are here today.

The Bananas are Back.  We are so proud that we get to play for you.

And we are so grateful that you’ve stayed with us every step of the way. Your support has kept the staff here so motivated to make this season happen.  Your encouragement and timely messages have given us all hope.

That’s what we plan to bring to you this summer.

Our mission of Fans First, Entertain Always has certainly been tested more this year than ever.  So, we had to get creative for the show to go on!

With most of the Coastal Plain League shut down, we developed our own Summer Ball Series with just three teams playing. Your Savannah Bananas will be playing the Lexington County Blowfish and our rival the Macon Bacon.  In addition to our CPL games, we’ve added some special games against other opponents as well.

We also developed Bananas Insiders, our 24/7 streaming and video service for fans to see the games in unique ways and have access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

We forced ourselves to even get creative with our performers – our seven-year old professional high-fiver has now become the professional air-high-fiver. We are also bringing in new talented performers by teaming up with the Stardust Pixies and bringing out fire dancers, stilt walkers, unicycles, acrobats and aerialists to Grayson Stadium.  We’ve even hired a professional sign spinner, to give the most entertaining signs to the players and fans this summer.

Coach Gillum is back for his third year and brought on some amazing new coaches including the first ever Grandma Coach, Marty Barrington and our intimidation coach, professional wrestler, Voodoo Jack.

We believe Banana Nation is now stronger than it’s ever been.   And it’s our responsibility to keep you entertained.  We remain driven to deliver the most fun in the safest environment.  But that’s just what we do and It’s the nature of who we are.

The name of our company is Fans First Entertainment.  And we will never stop asking questions on how we can be more Fans First and put on a better show for you.

This will be a season, and a year, we will all never forget.

Thank you for being here and showing up for us.  Thank you for dancing, singing, cheering, yelling and laughing with us at the ballpark this summer and from the comfort of your home. We are all more than ready to Go Bananas together again this season!

We love you guys!

Jesse & Emily

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