A Letter From the Owners

Welcome Back, Bananas Fans!

This past year was a year we will never forget.  Banana Land at Grayson Stadium became smaller, but Banana Nation grew larger.  While we had to entertain smaller crowds in 2020, we were able to create new memories for visitors from almost every state and even took the Bananas show on the road.

We experimented with a new game, Banana Ball and a new streaming service, Bananas Insiders, that connected fans in a whole new way.

We grew closer together amidst the challenges of 2020 and we witnessed first-hand the strength and support of Bananas Nation.  Now, we have a greater responsibility to you and we are ready to take everything we learned over the past year and create a season to remember.

To say we are grateful to welcome you back is an understatement.  The amount of support you have given us and the Bananas is simply amazing.  You’ve continued to embrace this team and be there through it all.

Your support continues to make a difference.  Over one thousand players reach out annually to be a part of the Bananas.  Hundreds of college students from around the country reach out to be Bananas interns. We hear from sports teams from all over the world who want to see the Bananas experience and join you in the stands.   In addition to the experience, the team continues to have fun while winning on the field.

The name of our company is Fans First Entertainment. Our mission is to be Fans First in everything we do and to Entertain Always.   You are the reason we do what we do, and the reason we make all of our decisions.

You’ve been with us on our quest to Make Baseball Fun.  From cheering on the Banana Nanas, Man-Nanas and our breakdancing first base coaches, to singing and dancing with our Banana Pep Band, to supporting us when we play in Kilts, you’ve been there every step of the way!

Now, we feel we have an even larger obligation to you.

President Jared Orton and our amazing team members have worked tirelessly in the offseason to deliver the best possible experience for you this season.

This 2021 season will be our most ambitious show we’ve ever had.  We are introducing over 50 new promotions during the games.  We have new players’ entrances, new player celebrations, and will be introducing new characters including the Bananas Princess.

Finally, we’ve added more team members to make sure you are always taken care of while you are at the ballpark.

From a baseball standpoint, Head Coach Tyler Gillum is back with a bunch of returning players, including the first ever four-year Bananas in Bill LeRoy and Kyle Luigs.

One thing is for sure, we are just getting started.  Our goal is to provide the best fans’ experience in the world.  We are not there yet, but we promise to continue to provide those Fans First moments every day at the ballpark and put you and the community first in everything we do.

Thanks, and Go Bananas!

Jesse & Emily Cole

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