Bananas Raise the Woof and Secure Another Win

Oh, you thought you got rid of me? You thought wrong. It’s Kara (again). Kevin’s flight got delayed back from the Bahamas (come on Kevin, really?). Okay, no need to bully Kevin. He can’t control the weather…or can he?

Tonight, BananaLand was filled with many pups as it was our third and final Bark in the Park of the year. And what’s better than pups and a Bananas win? The answer is nothing. Nothing at all.

The night started with a dog parade. The field was very well fertilized after that if you know what we’re saying…

Nick Clarno gave an epic entrance for the entire team and hit a majestical whip at the end (head to the Instagram stories for this one).

The good ol’ game got started and Bacon took a quick lead in the first. But if you’ve ever watched Parks and Rec you know what we mean when we say “everyone loves a good comeback story”. With that, we move into the bottom of the first. Eduardo Malinowski gets on with a single. Livan Reinoso follows that up with a double to bring him home. Andddd 2-1 ballgame.


We’re going to try and rapid fire these next few innings out because they were downright WILD.

Bottom of the second: Drew Yniesta walks. Bill LeRoy singles. Ty Jackson singles.

Somebody get us a Caprisun because the bases are in fact JUICED.

Livan Reinoso. LIVAN REINOSO! Sorry had to say it twice. Another RBI from the man. Two Nanners score so obviously Drew Yniesta crowd surfs through the team.

Then a double steal from Jackson and Reinoso. Bacon catcher throws it to second. The ball whacks Livan’s helmet. Yes, whacks him. The ball goes sailing into the outfield like a jet stream of 737 got a hold of it. Livan turned up the speed and was looking like Lightning McQueen as he rounded the bases and made it home safely. KACHOWWWW.

5-2 ballgame.


Bottom of the third: Cole Kitchen walks. Drew Yniesta with the RBI. Cole Kitchen cruises on home. 6-2 ballgame.


Fourth inning was quiet from both teams’ bats.

At the bottom of the fourth, Officer Lindsey from the Georgia Police K9 Foundation took the dugout with his family. There was a moment of celebration from the entire crowd to remember his K9 partner, Jas, who passed away this last week. It was incredible moment recognizing the hard work of Jas and Officer Lindsey.

Innings five and six put up a few more zeros on the board from both teams.

Bottom of the seventh: Livan Reinoso racks up his third hit of the night. Bloomer singles to left and then steals. Kitchen whips it up and rips a single. 8-2 ball game.

Okay cue some dancing, some dizzy bat and more. But we must get serious for a second.

Top of the eighth: Bacon score far too many runs. We don’t want to talk about it. It hurt. But our boy DC (Dylan Cunningham, not Washington DC) comes in and gets us out of a jam.

Bananas can’t get any insurance runs in the bottom of the eighth. (We will be calling Geico, Progressive, State Farm and more about this…). But it worked out juuuuuuuust fine.

Dylan Cunningham isn’t called a closer for nothing now come on. So he does what he does best. Bananas take the 8-7 dub. We think Dan Oberst and Nick Clarno tearing up the dugout dancefloor heading into the ninth is ultimately what turned the team up.

Bananas take on the Bacon in Macon tomorrow evening and are back in Grayson Stadium on Friday, July 30 for the regular season finale.


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