Changing the Game from Owner Jesse Cole

It always starts with a question.

What if we change the way you could watch a game?

We know the game has to change. And how we watch it has to change.

The question is, “How?”

We know the way it’s always been done just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The game has to be different. It has to be built on excitement, entertainment and creating the unexpected.

More than anything, it has to be fun. Baseball is a game. It should never be taken too seriously.

So we’re putting ourselves in our fans shoes and becoming fans. If we could choose how to watch our game, what would it look like?

“What if” is our guide. These two words fire us up. They inspire us. They bring even more questions.

What if we show the game differently with never before seen camera angels?

What if cameras are on players in the dugout, in the locker room and on the field?

What if fans could make decisions that affect the game?

What if fans get to know what the players are thinking during the game?

What if you could hear everything the coaches tell the players during a game?

Each question brings more passion and more excitement to our team. Each idea brings even more ideas.

We feel like we are building something from scratch. Something brand new. Something completely different.

We believe there is nothing like seeing a Bananas game in person. The noise. The chants. The dancing. The band. The nanas. The all you can eat food. The ballpark. It’s special.

But what if we create something just as special? A completely authentic Bananas experience from your home. Definitely different, but equally special.

What if the best seat in the house is from your own house?

You never know. But we might as well find out.

Will we able to do everything we’ve dreamed up? Probably not. And what if some of the ideas don’t work? We realize that’s not the right question.

“What if it does work?” is the better question.

That’s the question we are focused on. And we will never stop asking questions.

– Jesse Cole, Owner of the Bananas

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