Thank You Savannah for an Incredible Fifth Season

Our Bananas Fans,
As we finish our 2020 season, we are overcome with gratitude for your support.
When the pandemic hit shortly before the season, we had no idea what was to come and what we would be able to do at Grayson Stadium.
As leagues all over the country shut down, we were faced with that same decision. Should we cancel the season and hope for the best for next year? Or should we try to play and do the best we can to deliver the Bananas experience in a safe way?
Our decision became clear. For five years you’ve been there for us. We knew we had to give back to you. Our mission is “Fans First, Entertain Always.” With that mission guiding us, finding a way to play in a safe and fun way was the only choice. At a time when the world needed happiness, we knew we had to take on that responsibility. A lot of intelligent and experienced leaders and health professionals helped form a plan and we appreciate their guidance tremendously.
From the first pitch this summer, it was obvious we were all in this together. Now, months later as we wrap up the season, we are so thankful for each of you. You made this season possible. You gave players a chance to play when their college seasons had been shut down. You gave an opportunity for student internships and jobs to go on as planned. You showed up and happily worked with us through new protocols and safety measures.
Banana Nation remained strong through it all. This season brought even more amazing memories for all of us.
Head coach Tyler Gillum returned with arguably the most talented group of Bananas we’ve ever had.
With scouts making regular appearances this summer at Grayson, the future looks bright for the Bananas in the MLB Draft.
The team remained undefeated in Kilts and won the inaugural Breakfast Bowl Championship with the Macon Bacon. Bill LeRoy played every position for the Bananas in one game. Pitcher Kyle Luigs hit an epic home run in his first and only at bat with the Bananas. Broadcaster Biko Skalla became the first broadcaster to play in a game.
We had sweet proposals, the world’s fastest wedding on the field and had you taste our brand-new Banana Cream Soda.
We launched Bananas Insiders, our new streaming platform for games and year-round Bananas special documentaries. People were able to get in on the fun from the comfort of their own homes – all over the world! The community built within this group is unbelievable.
We introduced our new game of Banana Ball for a few special nights and even introduced a new rival for the Bananas with the Savannah Party Animals. We won but those games were wild!
This season we brought back on-field host Tyler Gray and introduced new characters like the Bananas Russell Simmons, Marty, the Grandma Coach, and Voodoo Jack to add to the show. These new characters complemented our world-famous breakdancing coach Maceo, the Banana Nanas, the Man-Nanas Dad Bod Cheerleading Squad and the Banana Pep Band who took their performances to another level in 2020.
You welcomed these new additions with open arms. With a fraction of the normal amount of people in the seats, you helped create an electric atmosphere in Grayson Stadium and provided a special feeling for those in attendance. You are the reason our players love playing here. You’re the reason they love to dance, wear kilts, sign autographs, take pictures, and make memories all summer long. We get hundreds of requests from players to play in Savannah each year and it’s because of you.
Many of you have sent in words of encouragement and praise for hosting this season. We, too, are so proud of our full-time staff for their ability to pivot, work hard and remain optimistic through it all. Your gratitude means more than you know and helps our staff love what they do, especially through a challenging year. You inspire them to continue to get better and dream bigger dreams for this team. You make us feel confident that this is just the beginning of what the Bananas can become.
We have a strong vision to bring more fans first fun in the years to come and we are just getting started.
Thanks again for everything & Go Bananas!
Emily & Jesse Cole

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