The Must Try Banana Beverages and Food at a Bananas Game!

Contrary to popular belief, not everything at a Bananas game is banana flavored but a good bit of it is! Here’s a list of the must try’s if you find yourself at a Bananas game this year: 

Let’s kick it off with the drinks! 

  1. Bananas Cream Soda 
  • The newest addition to the Bananas beverage bunch, this cream soda has a sweet and subtle banana flavor with hints of creamy caramel. Perfect for a night at the ballpark or grab a four pack to go and sip it on the beach the next day! 

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2. Banana Beer (21+) 

  • Brewed by Service Brewing Co, this Banana Beer was brewed specially for Bananas fans like you. The beer initially launched in 2017 and in 2019, the Service team upped the ante and doubled the number of bananas used in the brewing process!  

3. Slippery Banana (21+)

  • You’ve heard about it before. This liquor drink is a ballpark favorite. Now you might be thinking “a banana flavored liquor drink…gross” but trust us when we say try it, you’ll like it. 


And onto the grub! 

  1. Garbage Can Nachos 
  • The food heard round the ballpark. When an order of our famous garbage can nachos are delivered, the cow bell rings. And it rings extra loud. These nachos come served on a silver platter (that happens to double as a garbage can lid). Topped with hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, chili cheese, jalapenos and of course a banana on the side, the garbage can nachos are the best to share amongst a group of friends at a Bananas game.  

2. Frozen Banana 

  • What would make a banana better? Freezing it and covering it in chocolate of course! With your choice of just chocolate, chocolate & peanuts, or chocolate & sprinkles, this banana dessert is one of the best ways to cool off at the ballpark. 

3. Banana Split Dippin’ Dots 

  • A classic treat with a banana twist. Something about ice cream in small spheres just makes it taste all the better, right? 

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