The Top 10 Moments from Last Week in Bananaland

Written by Biko Skalla:

Another amazing week of Banana Ball is in the books! Time flies when you’re having fun. We had our second game in Savannah of the year and then our first ever trip down to Jacksonville. Duuuval County was electrifying and they got a healthy taste of Bananas and Party Animals history! But first, we have to discuss what happened Thursday night in Grayson Stadium.

Tanner Thomas Uses His Enormous Tush to Smash a Towering Home Run

Just like Jason Swan’s at-bat I shared last week, I think this 41 seconds perfectly encapsulates what Banana Ball is all about. You have incredible baseball players achieving insane athletic feats (like Tanner hitting a home run legitimately about 450 feet here), and then the guys have the time of their lives celebrating their accomplishments…

And in Tanner’s case here it wasn’t just about the celebration, it was the fact that he did it all with a pillow in his pants!

Dakota McFadden with a No-Doubt First Inning Walk-Off Bomb

The first inning Thursday night ended emphatically with this monster blast from Dakota McFadden…

When D-Mac gets a hold of baseballs it is a beautiful sight.

A Fan Catches a Tanner Thomas Foul Ball for an Out

Many would say Tanner popping out to a fan was the most important factor in him earning his second Showman of the Night award of the year. Of course he also went 3-5 and finished a double away from a cycle on Thursday night…

Dylan Porter Snags First Ever Trick Play by a Pitcher 

This quite possibly got me more fired up than anything else I’ve seen through eight games, and that’s really saying something…

It was just so surprising and improbable! Bravo, Dylan, bravo.

The Stare Down of the Century

When the fellas on both teams cleared the field after their Thunderstruck kick lines, two men remained. Christian Dearman and Collin Ledbetter would not avert their gaze from each other for the rest of the game. And when that ended, they nearly spent another two hours staring across the diamond because neither one was prepared to wave the white flag…

In the end, Dearman won a best out of three Rock, Paper, Scissors matchup which meant Collin had to move his feet first. Both gladiators would still be standing there today if we hadn’t intervened and forced a secondary competition to decide the winner.

Two of the Three Fastest Innings in Banana Ball History!!!

An inning after Dylan Porter made that fantastic behind-the-back snag, he tossed what was at the time the second fastest inning in Banana Ball history! Then two nights later, Garett Delano threw the fastest inning we’ve ever seen…

Seven pitches will do the trick. Congrats, Garett, although I do not think the record will last for long 😉

Stilts Shines on the Mound

Dakota has had two at-bats on the tour so far but has gone down swinging twice. Last night he made his season debut on the bump and did not disappoint…

That’s your Showman of the Night right there!

Bananas Walk-Off Night One in Jacksonville

Jake Skole misplayed a tricky throw across the diamond from Chase Achuff at short that would have secured a win for the Party Animals. Instead the Bananas tied the game and Michael Deeb got a chance to win it for the Bananas…

It’s tough to explain how much joy I get from the barrel themed celebrations involving Deeb. His mantra is starting to produce just the thing it’s meant to create: barrels.

Party Animals are the Home Team for the First Time in Banana Ball History

For the second time in the young history of our sport the home team was decided by a home run derby before the game. Dan Oberst had beaten Jake Skole 6-5 night two in Daytona but in Jacksonville, Skole came out red hot and won 7-3 making the Party Animals the home team for the first time ever. The baseball gods blessed Jake for his hard work and naturally gave him the opportunity to have the first walk-off in team history too…


Bill Lee Tosses Scoreless Inning Thanks to Miraculous Defense from Bill LeRoy

This is what Bill does. He mixes his speeds, pounds the zone, and pitches to contact. The advanced scouting department for the Bananas deserves a raise after the shift they employed in the 8th inning today…

The Barrel Party Continues

We had the bombs from Tanner & D-Mac on Thursday night, and then in Jacksonville DC3 stayed red hot with his third jack in eight contests, Jake Skole joined in on the home run barrage with a long ball in each game, and Michael Deeb took a trip to the Land of Good and Plenty…

The Bananas desperately needed the two-game sweep in Jacksonville and they’re now just one game back from the Party Animals after eight games played. The guys get the next four days off and then are back in action on Friday night before the Bananas suit up against the Major League Baseball Player’s Alumni Association on Saturday night! I don’t think I could dream up a better first Challenger on the tour. Turn me up!!!

Okay, rest up my friends, next weekend is going to be WILD!

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