The Top 14 Moments from a Historic Weekend in Bananaland

Written by Biko Skalla:


We played two games this past week and they were the two fastest Banana Ball games of all-time. Oh and the second contest, the new record holder, was our first Challenger Game of the tour and it was against a team made up entirely of former Major League Baseball players. I know I’m an excitable person by nature so bear with me here, but seeing a team full of players I grew up idolizing having the most fun of their lives playing a bizarro version of baseball against the Bananas was the coolest thing I’ve seen in my life. From the minute I got to Grayson Stadium yesterday a pinch after 9:00 am to see the MLBPAA guys get a pump up speech from Jesse Cole, the rules of Banana Ball from Adam Virant, and then most importantly get taught how to do the Hey Baby dance and Thunderstruck kickline by Zack Frongillo, to the minute I left our 97-year old ballpark well past midnight, it felt like the most amazing and peculiar fever dream I ever could have imagined. Only in Bananaland.

Let me gather my thoughts for a second here as I try to snap back into reality so I can perform my sworn duty of gathering the best moments of the week…

Alrighty, I’m ready to rumble! No better place to start than with the greatest rivalry in sports right now:

Jackson Olson vs Pop Flies on the Edge of Foul Territory

We’re all very proud of you Jackson. That’s a big win for the kid.

Kyle Luigs and Brandon Sherman Duel it Out

We had our best pitcher’s duel of the tour on Friday night as ShermDaddy and Cowboy Kyle traded zeros for most of the night…

That’s a recipe for a record breaking ballgame right there! At least a record for one day: more on that in a bit.

Jake Skole Has a Bazooka for a Right Arm

The Wheel of Unfortunate was back in action on Friday and I spun myself the task of gargling water for a full at-bat. Of course that’s when the play of the night happened…

The gods of Banana Ball once again show they have an amazing sense of humor.

Stilts Shines on the Mound Once Again!

Dakota “Stilts” Albritton has been onions on the bump in his two outings and he finally got to face somebody his own size…

Danny Hosley is the Shohei Ohtani of Bananaland

Danny won his first Showman of the Night award thanks to a strong day at the dish and then a clutch performance both on the mound and back in the batter’s box…

Oh my goodness and how could I forget, last but certainly not least from Friday…

The Return of Alex Ziegler: He Lights Himself on Fire

It was really special to see Ziggy back in action after he dislocated his shoulder just over a week before the season kicked off. And unsurprisingly he made his 2023 debut in style…

Great to have you back Zigmiester Supreme!

Now we arrive at our first Challenger Game of the tour, and to summarize my opening statement today: it was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good!

We Recreate Our Second Movie Scene of the Tour

In the two-hole for the MLBPAA was former Banana, Johnny Damon, and we would not miss an opportunity to give him a special surprise…

That one’s for you, Jimmy. Let there never be a Fever Pitch remake whether it be an hour and 44 minutes or 11 seconds, without Saugerties, NY, getting in on the action.

Collin Balester Can Boogie with the Best of Them

We’ve been dying to see how Collin can break it down on the mound ever since we saw footage of his hypnotizing dance in the Washington Nationals locker room. When the time to shine came we were not disappointed…

Something about when those tall boys cut a rug that just makes it a little more special, (PS: we miss you Alex Degen).

Alex Wilson Gets Mic’d Up and Eric Jones Does Not Care

We’ve had some legendary mic’d up moments on broadcasts over the past three years but I think this takes the cake…

Thank you again, Alex! We’ll have a longer cut of his mic’d up action coming out in the near future on our YouTube page but this is all I could fit into Twitter’s 2-minute and 20 second limit for unverified outlaws like myself.

Ryan Cox and Dalton Mauldin are too Smooth up the Middle

Poetry in motion right there!

John Buck and Billy Burns Fit Right Into the Circus of Bananaland

Live entertainment folks. Sometimes you light yourself on fire, sometimes the fire on your three bats all go out when you’re about to juggle them, you just never know!

Michael Deeb Does his Best Kevin Mitchell Impersonation 

This one speaks for itself…

That was a backspin barrel out in the field if such a thing was ever possible, (IYKYK).

We Have the Quickest Game in Banana Ball History 

Daniel Descalso and John Buck singled in the top of the 9th off DJ “The Invader” but the former Major Leaguers team fell one baserunner shy of bringing the tying run to the dish as the Bananas won 5-1…

Nick Keldie Sends His Drone Into the Thick of the Fireworks Show

Watching this back after the game I couldn’t believe my eyes. If you watch the full fireworks show on the broadcast I think there are over 50 times that it looks like Nick should have been shot out of the air. His drone surprisingly lived to tell the tale and I cannot wait to send him back up into the sky the next time we light up the night…

Another magical week of Banana Ball is behind us and I continue to have to pinch myself every time I wake up. What a world we live in my friends.

The MLBPAA has two more games against the Bananas on the tour, first on April 28th down in Tampa at George M. Steinbrenner Field and then back in Savannah on September 3rd. We’ll see a bunch of the guys who played last night as well as some new faces who will try to help their fellow former Major Leaguers even the series up against the Nanners.

The next time we’re in action will be Monday night and the kilts we be back in action! Little early St. Patty’s day fun in Bananaland.

After that it’s Thursday night in Sugar Land, Texas! Biko gets to take his first trip to the Lone Star State!! I’m gonna buy a pair of cowboy boots, run from Houston to El Paso and back, eat at Whataburger, ride a bull, and become the star quarterback for a high school football team. I can’t wait. Our pregame show on our YouTube page will be live at 6:30 pm CENTRAL TIME, and first pitch will be at 7:00 pm CENTRAL TIME. Don’t let the ole’ time zone switch up get ya!

Thanks as always for palling around with me in the virtual world. See you Thursday night!

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