Top 11 Moments from a Historic Weekend in Nashville

Written by Biko Skalla:


Before we can talk about the magical weekend we had in Nashville, we have to talk about how everything ended in Tulsa. The controversial call at home plate gave the Party Animals Oklahoma, led to the first two suspensions in Banana Ball history, and changed the sport forever. Because of the fracas in ONEOK Field we added challenges to Banana Ball. And that meant Nashville would be the first city to see these challenges in action. Here’s how they work…

Of course we wouldn’t even play a full inning in the capital of the Volunteer State before it was time for the first challenge in Banana Ball history…

Joey Green Demands Another Look!

A tale as old as time. Not enough evidence to overturn the call on the field. We were blessed to have Michael Deeb in the booth an inning later who was right next to home plate umpire Randy Voss when the play happened. Deeb confirmed that the call was right from the jump. DR also told us after the game he was definitely out. Phew!

The First Party Animals Challenge in Banana Ball History

And it was a good one…

Congrats to Mike Vavasis, Sam Claycamp, and all the bright minds on the Party Animals side of the field who helped make the decision to shoot off the confetti. Fortune favors the brave… or the brash… or the bold… One of those is true, or maybe all of them, who knows.

Have We Ever Seen Jared Donalson and Harry Houdini in the Same Place?!

The tweet speaks for itself…

It takes incredible poise while staring danger in the face to wiggle out of that many sticky situations. It wasn’t Donnie’s best start of the year, but he left the game with the lead and the Nanners bullpen backed him up, with the help of a 15-year MLB vet…

Zach Duke Goes Bananas

Don’t mind us constantly trying to find the right spot in the field for Dalton Mauldin’s mic and IFB to work, just focus on Zach Duke absolutely dealing in his Bananas debut…

That was insanely fun to watch and having Zach in the booth was a blast. It goes without saying, but the invite is always open Mr. Duke!

A Noah Bridges sac fly walked-off the 6th inning to make it 3-1. DJ “The Invader” and Dakota “Stilts” Albritton combined for a scoreless 7th and then Connor Higgins rode in on a tractor to pitch the 8th…

Connor Higgins Goes Full Old MacDonald

Unfortunately he would give up a pair of runs and the Party Animals would win the inning making it 3-2 Bananas but Danny, Literally the Greatest Pitcher Ever, Hosley, got the call for the 9th and he shut the door for his 9th save.

Saturday saw the first ever overtime for a Banana Ball Home Run Derby as Jake Skole defeated Dan Oberst 9-5 and the Party Animals were the home team for only the fourth time on the tour. That meant Kyle Luigs, in his tour-high 17th start, got to pitch for the away team in Banana Ball for the first time in his career.

He was tested early, as Garett Delano put up a zero in the top of the first but after giving up a leadoff single to Reece Hampton, Kyle was able to get Skole, Bloomer, and Cornett in order to hold serve.

About as Clutch of a Catch Made by a Fan in Banana Ball History

I can’t imagine how good it feels to literally earn the Bananas a point. As it turns out, this play would end up being more immense than Bob could have imagined at the time.

The Fans Use Another Early Challenge and the Bananas Use Their First Ever

It was another great play for the fans to challenge but once again the call on the field stood strong, making Randy, Never Question the, Voss, a perfect two for two when his calls are questioned. It did turn out though that there would be a better play to challenge just two batters late…

These continue to be the greatest thing that has probably ever happened in my life. The challenge is here to stay in Banana Ball, folks!

The Bananas Get to Have a Big Inning (or Two)

After seeing Thomas Rhett pop into the booth I muted my mic and told him I’d introduce him after this batter. So I handed him a headset and as he placed it on his head Bill LeRoy laced a single to left and that was just the start of the fun for the Nanners…

  1. Thomas Rhett is one of the nicest and most charismatic people I’ve ever met.
  2. The Bananas clearly got some juice from his appearance in the booth.
  3. I got him to shake my hand and commit to a collaboration with the Bananas and it happened on camera so I’m pretty sure it’s legally binding.

Barry Zito REALLY Goes Bananas

Just when you thought Nashville couldn’t get any better…

Barry looked pretty darn solid on the mound and just had the bad luck of coming in to pitch to 2-3-4-5 in the Party Animals lineup. Even with such a task he battled with Skole (Barry was the 9th overall pick in 1999 and Skole was the 15th overall pick in 2010), got the timely double play and only lost the point because he got bit by the ole’ Wee Willie Keeler “Hit ’em where they ain’t.”

Barry Zito is the Soundtrack to the Bananas Second Big Inning on Saturday

Just another night in Bananaland…

You really can’t make this stuff up.

Tennessee Comes Down to the Wire

Nashville made its case for being the best stop on the tour thus far and I would put it right up there with West Palm Beach, Phoenix, and Tampa Bay for the combination of amazing games, magnificent entertainment, and unbelievable guest appearances that all four of these stops had.

Now the Aussie Drop Bears come to town and I wrote a little something something about what to expect from these challengers who have made the epic journey from the lands Down Under to play the Bananas this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and then the Party Animals on Monday night (that is June 8th, 9th, 10th, & 12th for anybody keeping track at home). I met with a couple of the Drop Bears head honchos and one of their players on Tuesday morning and my cheeks hurt from laughing nearly the entire time I chatted with them. These guys bleed baseball, they love what Banana Ball is all about and have created a really talented team that’s ready to put on four superb shows, and most importantly they brought vegemite, weet bix, and tim tams for me to try on the broadcast. These are going to be four games entirely unlike any other on the tour. Our broadcasts all four nights will kickoff with the pregame show at 6:30 pm ET and first pitch at 7:00. I cannot wait to see what happens Thursday night!

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